Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogger Issues

Here is my question, quandry, problem . . . whatever you want to call it. Blogger has a tendency to reformat my posts. Do you have this problem, too? I'll carefully space and center and position, italicize or resize . . . only to have it all randomly undone once I click on Publish. AARGH! I can't explain it, but it seems even worse when I use the Preview option. I want to put this question out to the great big blogging world . . . What can be done about this? Almost every time that I work on my blog, or edit and re~edit my formatting, one more person discontinues following. . . . sigh . . .

A few people do follow my blog. {And I think you're wonderful, by the way! Mmmwwwaaahhh!} I know that few of you actually have the time to look at it, and that's okay. I do the same thing. I love so many, that I can read only those that I have time for that day. {But if I have a sick day, don't look for me anywhere else! I'll be catching up!} I've made the decision not to discontinue following anyone. {Only on the occassion when I didn't pay close attention before I clicked on the Follow Button and the writer has a tendency toward nasty language, or some such do I }

It's probably just an issue of my ignorance of HTML code, or something such . . . but if you feel like helping a blogger out with code hints or suggestions . . . I would be terribly grateful!

Friday, December 10, 2010

White Christmas Ornament Swap

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this . . . but my favorite swaps are always Dede Warren's. Her latest is simply every bit as wonderful as the others I have participated in! I don't understand how or why, but she simply attracts cool artists! You'll try to leave space for me in future swaps now that I've given up the good information, won't you?!
I was temporarily without a camera of my own when I made these and shipped them off, so I have no other photograph of my submission. These are 2" square.
The photo above is Dede Warren's work.
Yep. She's good at that, too. :)
I understand that our ornaments have been shipped! I'll show you all the wonderful handmade goodies once they arrive! Yay! Click on the links below for more photos from Dede's blog.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sitting beside the fire

I hope I never stop seeing a glowing, crackle-y fire in the fireplace as anything other than cozy and romantic. I should think the day that it becomes purely utilitarian to me would be a very sad day, indeed.

{So, it's not exactly a roaring fire. :) I had to use an old photo. My camera is still on a medical mission in Haiti.}

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Artsy Girls Time!

Reposted from my daughter's blog: Nevertheless, Elizabeth

Please join me December 4th and 5th from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at my home.

Drop in any time to shop for charmingly displayed handmade and vintage goods from an ever-growing roster of artsy girls, {and this year: guys!} including:

Soldered charms, hand tied pearls and other jewelry by Debbi Greenlee

Beaded jewelry by Carli H

Various handmade goodies by Nancy J

Sculptural hair bows by Jill T

Refinished vintage furniture by Juls {Her Royal Highness}

Painted items by Nichole {The Painted Nursery}

Scarves, felt plushies and upcycled kids' clothes by Ellice D

Vintage inspired jewelry by Sandie D

Hair flowers and baby lovelies by April W {Maggie and Beatrice}

Vintage finds from Amy V {Beloved Bag Lady}

Gourmet fudge by Elizabeth G

Delicious cookies and confections by Tasha S and Laura F

Jewelry and handmade cards and stationery items from Tamberly H

Crocheted goodies by Renee G

Baby accessories by Melissa D {Prissy Lissy Designs}

Goat's milk soap by Shane and Catherine

Re-purposed vintage windows by Danielle B {A Vintage View}

Yoga mats and bags by Katelyn H {Yogadivas}

Felted animals, nativities and other baby goodies by Robin R

Handmade dolls and aprons (and matching aprons for the dolls!)Original artwork from Aaron V

Folk/pop art and vintage treasures from yours truly {BettyHarry}

and more..... yes, its an incomplete list, even at this length!

Truly, this will be a chance to find the unique and unexpected for yourself and the folks on your Christmas list.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hand Born

Wow! That was crazy! I can't even begin to tell you what a great event Hand Born was last night!

These photos sort of represent my space. My camera has taken a trip out of the country . . . without me . . . :) I know!

In the meantime, foggy, blurry cell phone photos will have to do.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, too!

P.S. In case you're inclined to pray; it is my son who has taken my camera with him on a medical mission to Haiti. Thank you! From the bottom of my Momma heart!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dr. Thomas Wing

{If you were hoping to reach Dr. Wing, feel free to email me, and I will forward your letter to his daughter (my mother-in-law) who very likely has the information that you need.} 

This following article appeared in the Modesto Bee today. I told you, way too recently that we have just lost my Father-in-law. Dr. Wing was his Father-in-law. Thank you Jeff Jardine, for such a kind notice of a brilliant and fascinating man.

CONDOLENCES — To the family of Dr. Tom Wing, an inventor who grew up in Modesto and attended Modesto High School and Modesto Junior College. He died Nov. 9 at 95 in Southern California.
Four years ago, I wrote about his exhibit at the McHenry Museum featuring a number of his inventions and gadgets. Among them was his "minimal energy stimulator," a physical therapy machine used by Olympic track star Carl Lewis, former L.A. Lakers star Magic Johnson and others.
He invented a pager, the technology of which Motorola later used for its own, and an emergency radio control network that spanned from the Mexican border to Santa Barbara. He donated it to the American Red Cross.
And he invented a vertical-lift wheelchair for his wife, Kay, who suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease and died in 2004. He continued to work on the chair until his own death.
Wing will be buried Monday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina Hills.

Jeff Jardine's column appears Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Local News. He can be reached at Read more: The Modesto Bee

Son of South Mountain & Dust By Thomas W. Wing & Carolyn Wing Greenlee
This is the autobiography of Thomas W. Wing, a herbologist and chiropractic doctor for nearly forty years while actively engaging in hobbies which brought about benefits for others. In the 1950s, he bent UHF waves around the mountain for emergency communications and pioneered the doctor beeper. In the new millennium, he is still inventing, still writing, still trying to help people live better lives.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hand Born

It's official! I'll be here! By all means, stop by and check out the wares!

. . . and my space, too . . .


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mr. Rosenblum's List

This is a post from my Goodreads Bookshelf.

Mr Rosenblum's List: Or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring EnglishmanMr Rosenblum's List: Or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman by Natasha Solomons

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

It has taken so much longer than it needed, to finish this book. It was a very painful ordeal, during which I gave up several times. I finally forced myself to finish so I would know that something good happened to this poor man. He was mistreated and abused by his family and the people in the newly adopted country where he and his family sought refuge from the persecution of German Jews. He was misunderstood and mistreated by his wife. His daughter was an overindulged, spoiled brat, who did come through eventually, naturally.

A solid 7/8ths of this book, if not more, is misery applied liberally on top of sadness and despair. I finally managed to finish by skipping large portions of meanness and abuse.

In the end {and by end, I mean the VERY end}, there was a little upswing, but talk about "too little too late"! The author found it necessary to finally break what seemed to be the indomitable spirit of the main character, Jack, before she tossed him a crumb. I think the attempt was to feel like real life, but in reality, it was just plain painful to read. I don't know how many nights I closed the book before it could get worse.

I think there is a premise here for the wonderful, cheerful, uplifting story that I was told to expect, but if you read it, don't go into it expecting anything less than a story of sadness and a poor miserably mistreated, sweet old man.

At the time of this writing, this book is not yet available for sale in the United States. I purchased it from an English Bookseller. I have heard a rumbling that it is to be made into a movie. Naturally. It will probably be an award winner.

{I am certain that the author is a very sweet and lovely person, and I don't want to pick on her . . . it's just that this book, for my taste, went a bit too far with the sadness and misery, and not far enough pulling it out of the downward spiral. I was mislead into reading it by a professional reviewer. It is she I think, who is responsible for leading me down the proverbial primrose path . . . and myself for following her.}

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding Rings

I lost my wedding band over a year ago. I took it off in the Summer. I set it beside the sink. I looked at it every single day. Fall came, and no ring. Couldn't find it anywhere. I searched the floorboards. I emptied the drawers. I looked every place that I might have put it. No ring. My biggest fear was that I might have thrown it away, unknowing . . .
Last night, the drawer front fell off one of the drawers. Just like that. No warning, no prior wigglie-ness, just suddenly it was hanging by a thread . . . It was very late, and I was tired. I thought I could save that project for the morning.
My sweet husband was home today, had all of his woodworking tools out for another repair job, so I quickly emptied the drawer, before I ran out the door for my class . . . speaking to him through the open window . . ."Oh, I really don't have time to do this! I'm gonna be late!" I turned back around, and just like in the movies, I spot a ring of gold on the bottom of the nearly empty drawer. It sparkled and glistened at me. I think it might even have smiled.
Me, shouting, "I found my wedding band!"
Him, "You're kidding!"
I put it on {in hind sight, I should have waited for him to do that}, ran down the stairs and outside to share my treasure with him . . .
. . . Are you ready? Here's where it gets good . . . Today is our anniversary! Our 35th. I know.
How good of God to give me back the symbol of our devotion on a landmark day like today.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't tell anyone . . .

. . . but I am enjoying the most unbelievably peaceful day!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


So pleasant and warm and cozy and quiet beside the fireplace right this minute . . . life has been . . . well, life . . . so busy and active, and then something life altering causes it to come to a sudden halt . . . take a minute . . .

My sweet Father in law has passed away. He was such a character. A brilliant man. A staunch defender of the faith. His silliness, spirit and his faithfulness will pass down through generations forever more.

He looked just like Santa Claus. I'm not kidding you. Even had a costume made . . . If I can find a picture, I'll show you later. One Summer afternoon when Sam was about six years old, one of his buddies came flying in our front door, heading straight up the stairs . . . you could almost hear his brakes screech as he came to a stop midway on the staircase . . . pointed to the fellow napping in our living room, and yelled, "What is SANTA doing sleeping on your couch!?"

My kids thought they were the luckiest kids in the world. Santa Claus was their Grandpa!

Have I ever told you that I married the boss' son? . . . I did. {sheepish grin here} Technically, we were engaged before I was hired, but we hadn't told his parents yet . . . but still . . .
We told them the day before I started work . . . he introduced me to every single patient as, "This is Debbi. She's going to be my daughter-in-law . . . unless I can talk them out of it."

All of the boys at our high school went to him for their sports physicals. He guest lectured the science classes. This is what I first knew of the man that I would someday call Dad.

Once when I was a teenager, my parents let me camp with boyfriend's family since the girls slept in the trailer with the parents . . . {Yep. We were high school sweethearts.} I shared the table/bed with my future husband's sister. Dad woke up at 4:30 . . . 5:00, or some similarly unheard of earliness, and began to make himself some breakfast. Note that I hardly knew this man at this point, and I was painfully shy . . . he turned the gas burner on . . . remember how that sounds and smells? . . . a gas burner in a camp trailer, from three feet away? Soft, gentle memories, perfect. . . . He buttered both sides of some wonderful nutty bread, then toasted one side at a time in a skillet . . . aware that he woke me, he served me first. Breakfast toast in bed. Just the two of us were awake in that trailer. Whispering. He told me how he needed a little something on his stomach so he wouldn't be ill when they took the inflatable Avon boat out into the ocean to dive for the abalone and rock cod that we would enjoy for dinner that evening. I still love toast made that way.

That very trip, he bought a piece of property there, at the ocean and with his boys built a vacation home. We visited it for many, many years. Happy, happy memories.

Years and years later, I have a photo of Dad . . . with tears in his eyes, wearing a bright yellow "Super Grandpa" Father's Day gift t-shirt, as he held his two day old first grandson. {Who, incidentally, looks just like him.}

Twenty-ish years ago, Dad began participating in medical missions . . . with Friendships. He had such a heart for missions . . . especially for Ecuador. He brought back little trinkets and dolls for our daughter from wherever he travelled to help those in pain . . .

He travelled to China . . . carried in boatloads of Bibles.

What a beautiful legacy he has left for his children and grandchildren.

Almost three years ago, we visited him in the hospital . . . we were told not to expect much from him, he was in a coma . . . and suddenly, on hearing our voices, he awoke. . . . wanted to know all about the kids, especially youngest Grandson, who was spending a semester at Oxford. So we told him. We told him how Sam's classes were going, how he was enjoying the British Isles, and . . . that he had met a girl. A local girl . . . in England. For the next hour, periodically, Dad would shut his eyes, giggle, shake his head, and say . . . "Had to go all the way to England to meet a girl from Rocklin. Had to go all the way to England to meet a girl from Rocklin."

Dad was too ill after a stroke to attend their wedding.

We did not live near him. In all honesty, his Grandchildren had very little opportunity to know him well . . . but they dearly loved him, all . . . and he loved them. I think one of his happiest thoughts was that all of his grandchildren are faithful Christians . . . and both of our sons are finding their ways into ministry . . . Zacharia, our eldest . . . that first Grandchild . . . is part of a medical mission team heading to Haiti very soon . . . Samuel is in Seminary.

Now, in a couple of days, we will bury him. Bless his soul. Our daughter Elizabeth's four year old son, Christian . . . comforting his Mommy after the news said, "It's okay, Mommy. He's with Jesus. I bet he likes the gold streets!" I'll bet Christian's right.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Soooo . . . what do you think of my tent in it's proper surroundings? This means it no longer gives us that extra little shelter in the living room, but it did look pretty good out there . . .
Can you believe this is really my assigned spot!?
I wish like everything I had taken a shot after my daughter left her things.
. . . ah, well . . .

My nephew, and his wife made Goat Milk Soap. It was absolutely the most popular item there. Hooray!

'scuse me now . . . while I take this headache to bed. It has been a loooong day!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bird Nest Pendant

Sterling Silver and Pearls . . . naturally, I'm a pearl girl . . .
. . . and I'm a little excited that I made my very first one! Watch out everyone! I think the world is about to be inundated with bird nest pendants!

My Cozy Little Office

Over indulging my Autumn nesting/coziness thing, I have set a tent up in the middle of my living room . . . See? Newspaper and computer all laid out . . . my Office, if you will . . . and let me tell you, it is cozy. I kind of love it.

Fact is, it's really a temporary 'fitting room', I suppose . . . I've spent the last couple of days sewing up the cover for this tent/canopy/whatever-thingee with that gorgeous dark-chocolate-and-latte striped canvas. You can see a bit of the matching table in the first photo . . . a little detail in the next . . .

I'm sharing a booth space with my nephew {who is selling Goat Milk Soap} at Bloomingcamp Ranch Octoberfest this weekend. My soldered charms are tiny, his soaps are small . . . we might have trouble filling even that six foot long table, but our space is gonna look good!

. . . and just for fun, if you sew, you'll get this next photo . . .

. . . theoretically, this is impossible right? I can't tell you how many times it happened while I was working on these projects! Either, the thread is broken and somehow healed, or there is a flaw in that needle, but the thread should not be outside of the eye of the needle and still attached! That's all there is to it.
That's why I took the photo, so I could enlarge it full screen and see if I could diagnose the problem. And, nope. I couldn't tell.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Candy Corn Cookies

Aren't these the cutest!?
These are orange flavored. I think I'll do them correctly the first time, then I want to see what happens when I substitute Wilton's loverly Butter Flavoring {for the orange} to try to duplicate the actual flavor of candy-corn.
I'll let you know if I get that far! But sometimes, it's a matter of, "Why mess with perfection?"
I didn't create this recipe . . . it is compliments of Land-O-Lakes, I don't even get credit for finding it . . .
I happened across this beauty when Hometown Girl posted it . . . she found it on her friend's blog . . . I have not followed the virtual link trail back any further, but it might be fun to see how many links it takes to get to Land-O-Lakes . . . :)

I can't vouch for these yet, but what could possibly be wrong with them!? They're cute, they're teensie, they're sweet, they're cookies for Goodness sake! Sounds like sweet perfection to me!

Around these parts, we don't celebrate Halloween, so it's not always easy, but it is always a treat to find something traditionally Autumny to sink our sweet-tooths into!

Recipe below, but go to the Land-O-Lakes website for a printable {and properly formatted} version!

Sparkling Candy Corn Cookies

45 min.prep time 3:25total time
15 dozen miniature cookies

1 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 Land O Lakes® All-Natural Egg
2 tablespoons orange juice
2 teaspoons freshly grated orange zest
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Orange paste or gel food color
Yellow paste or gel food color
1/2 cup sugar

Line bottom and sides of 9x5-inch loaf pan with waxed paper or plastic food wrap. Set aside.

Combine butter and 1 cup sugar in large bowl; beat at medium speed until creamy.

Add egg, orange juice, orange zest and salt. Continue beating until well mixed.
Reduce speed to low; add flour and baking soda. Beat until well mixed.

Divide dough into thirds.
Press one-third of white dough evenly onto bottom of prepared pan.
Place another one-third of dough back into same bowl. Add small amount of orange food color; mix until color is well blended. Press orange dough evenly over white dough in pan.
Place remaining one-third of dough into another medium bowl. Add small amount of yellow food color; mix until color is well blended. Press yellow dough evenly over orange dough in pan.

Cover with plastic food wrap; refrigerate until firm (at least 2 hours or overnight).

Place 1/2 cup sugar in large bowl; set aside.

Heat oven to 375°F.

Invert loaf pan to remove dough. Peel off waxed paper.
Place layered dough onto cutting surface.

Cut loaf crosswise into 1/4-inch slices using sharp knife, trimming edges to make even, if necessary.
Cut each slice into 6 wedges.

Place 1-inch apart onto ungreased cookie sheets.

Bake for 7 to 10 minutes or until edges are firm and bottoms are very lightly browned.

Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets.

Immediately place warm cookies in bowl with sugar; roll in sugar to coat.

Place cookies onto cooling rack. Cool completely.

Store in loosely covered container.

Every single piece of information that one owns increases the enrichment of every other single piece . . .

Friday, October 8, 2010

Framed Butterfly Art How-to . . .

What do you think? Kind of pretty, isn't it?
Needing to fill a blank space on the wall, in a hurry . . . Son and his Bride were coming for a visit . . . like tomorrow {when I did it} . . . and the guest bath was a sight! This isn't difficult, or expensive . . . at all!
In this case it was free.
Here's how it goes . . . in the first photo, you can tell that I have removed the glass for the purpose of photographing . . . you can also tell that the butterflies are glued down . . . right? See?
{clicking on the photos it will enlarge them, in case you need a clearer view}

I cut those gorgeous butterflies out of a piece of really, exquisite scrapbook paper that I already had. They were even pre-glittered! Just cut your images out carefully . . .
Next . . . to disguise the white edges where you have trimmed . . . pass the felt edge of a sharpie along all raw paper edges. I liked the black one for this use, but I often use a nice chocolate brown felt tipped pen for finishing edges like this.

Lay all of your elements out carefully inside your frame . . . it helps to correct your spacing . . .
Line them up on a larger sheet cut to fit the frame opening . . . It could be scrapbook paper or any old thing with the look that pleases you . . . sheet music . . . printed page . . . map . . . burlap . . . linen . . .
Spot glue in place . . . reinsert glass, and frame!
I got really lucky and had this Target clearanced Rachel Ashwell frame in my frame pile/stash.
I just knew I would find something to put in such a pretty blue frame!
Et Voila! In practically an instant . . . a lovely piece of original framed art is yours!
Now, wasn't that cinchy!?

Jane Austen Scrapbook

After Sweet Vic over at Jane Austen Today mentioned my Jane Austen Scrapbook, {and thank you, Vic, I am so flattered!} . . . I thought I might add a few more pages . . . I took very few photos, a very unfortunate misunderstanding on my part . . . but I bought several postcards, which are pretty great representations, anyway! Thank Goodness!

Above {These actual pieces are on display in the cottage!} are a few pieces of Jane and Cassandra's jewelry.

The back of the postcard reads: The topaz crosses were given to Jane {right} and Cassandra {left} by their brother Charles. Charles purchased the crosses with prize money from the capture of a French vessel during the Napoleonic War.

Actual photograph that I did take of Jane Austen's Donkey Cart! Such amazing personal possessions! I think this is a large part of those things which set Chawton College apart from a lot of other Home Museums. It is filled, mainly, with Jane's and her family's actual possessions.

This is also one of the photos that I shot . . . I am not certain, but pretty sure, that the sign said this is the cornerstone from Jane's Father's church. Please notify me if you know this to be incorrect!

For some reason . . . I have a set of First Day Covers of Jane Austen Stamps . . . dated 1975 . . . go figure!

If you happen to be inclined . . . scroll down a few posts, to see more photos from my scrapbook
. . . or follow this link. Having the opportunity to visit her house in Chawton was just one of the most wonderful opportunities EVER!
If you follow the tags/links beneath this post, they will take you to the posts that I wrote home to my family while we were in England. If you ever have the opportunity . . . by all means, GO! Go! GO!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Morning

Soft fuzzy light, a warm cuddle blanket, a cup of tea and thee . . .
Mmmmm . . . I love Autumn.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I have not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs . . .

. . . but I can't tell you when the swelling will go down, and I'll have fingerprints again!
It's kinda cute though, huh?
At a recent baby shower, we were each asked to make a quilt square. Everything was provided, the iron on adhesive was already applied to the back of the myriad fabric options . . . There were embellishments, and embroidery floss . . . the squares were precut to the proper size, and templates were available to trace each person's choice of jungle creature . . . {I kind of have a thing for giraffes.}
The thing was, I couldn't get near the table to make one! Good excuse, eh? A good excuse that was thwarted by my Sister-in-law a couple of weeks later when she showed up on a family outing with all of the supplies that I could possibly need to make a quilt square. Funny girl.
All obstacles removed from my path, this is the result . . . one of the new Grammy's friends will turn this into a wonderful keepsake quilt . . . Nice. :)
. . . and a great idea, don't you think?

A Makeover and Jewelry Props

{. . . and very inexpensive at Marshall's, I must add! $7.99 and 24 inches tall.}

. . . and After

. . . got rid of the funny little bow . . . ground the sharp edges . . . added a nice coat of matte black paint . . . and she's a new . . . er . . . woman!

I'm collecting jewelry props for a couple of upcoming shows.
I'm kind of pleased so far . . . what do you think?
P.S. . . . The minute that I hit publish, Blogger takes it upon itself to reformat my carefully formatted post. Does anyone want to share suggestions with me . . . about how to deal with that?! And Heaven help you if you click on Preview . . . it's all a tossup after that! I have formatted and deleted this post at least five times . . . then finally gave up and accepted the closest option to my plan . . . I'm on the verge of cussing over here, I'm telling you! Help!
Somebody! Help!

Jane Austen

Did you know that I'm a hopeless Janeite?

Did you know that I dragged my sweet husband and son to her home while we were in England!? I know! Darlings, aren't they?!

Did you know that her portrait and a picture of her cottage in Chawton actually hang in my home!!? And that I bought them in the bookshop inside her home?

Did you know that I have only finished three scrapbook projects in my life . . . one for my Mother, a copy of that one for my brother, and "Our Visit to Jane Austen's Home"!?

Yep . . . even bought bookplates, scratched my name onto this one with that pheasant feather quill . . . it came from the gift shop, too . . . told you I was hopeless!
So you'll understand when I tell you how excitedly I read Vic's, Jane Austen Today post, A Virtual Visit to Chawton Cottage. In it she has posted a virtual treasury of links to other blogs, as well as a few on You Tube . . . in case, you, too . . . have an interest verging on obsession . . . :) I especially enjoyed Tony Grant's blog, London Calling {this link will take you directly to his Chawton Cottage post} . . . he visited the house, photographed the interior and the community . . . I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it . . . especially since, when we were there, I apparently misunderstood the photographic restrictions, and took only one photo inside! Can you believe that!? . . .but it was of her writing table . . .
Okay, so I have confessed . . . Hello. My name is Debbi, and I am a hopeless Janeite.
. . . but there are worse things . . . No?
P.S. I've added a few more photos on this post! Just in case, you know . . .

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cool Photo Textures

Do you love them? I am crazy about the new textures on Picnik. Aren't they just gorgeous?!
The crackling makes the second photo look almost like an old master. But that first one . . .I think I might need that one printed up to use as an artwork . . . hmmm . . . maybe on a canvas?
The floral arrangement accounts for several of those gazillion errands on my list today . . . hunting/gathering . . . sometimes that's my life.

Wanna see the original snapshot?

Original and untouched.
Now what do you think of Picnik?
You might understand my crush. :)

Errand Day

I'm off to run a gazillion errands! Everything from procurement of wonderful tidbits for my classes, to a quick flower order. Before I do one {a flower arrangement} these days, I have to buy oasis and a vase. That's sure a change from the old days! {for the uninitiated . . . I used to have a floral business . . . became allergic to flowers . . . I like to say, "That's one way to know you're not where God wants you to be!"}
I still do the occasional wedding or order, but I really have to like you! :)
Before I set off to accomplish my chores, I want to leave you with a work in progress for my girlfriend, Rhonda . . . It involves this! . . . her Grandmother's Brooch . . . Isn't it gorgeous!?
. . . and these elements, mostly her Grandmother's, as well . . . talk about a Treasure Necklace!

Talk to you later! Maybe I'll have wonderfulness to share!

Much Love!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soldered Charm Class

Do you love it!? I do! Oh, I do! I can't get enough of it. It's a little bit, you know . . . kind of organic . . .
but it tells a story, and it's warm and embracing . . .
each piece is a miniature work of art . . .

. . . a miniature collage . . .

a memento . . .

a memory . . .

And I will be teaching the class! I'll give the details as soon as they're all ironed out. I am currently in the hunting/gathering stage . . . assembling kits and locating suppliers . . . and I gotta tell you . . . I kind of like it. :)

This much, I know . . . the class will be held at The Empty Nest*, in Oakdale, California . . . the very minute the classroom is ready for occupancy!
This is gonna be a fun new adventure for me! I can't wait!
*Current web presence only on FaceBook