Saturday, August 21, 2010


Have you heard of this yet? It is a reverse image search engine. You give it an image, and the site will search to see whether it has been published on another website.

I shared the address with another blogger {Paris Hotel Boutique Journal} just today. She is hoping to find the origins of a number of photographs that she has saved . . . and who knows? It may work.

Note: She DID have some luck. Not with the original photo that she hoped, but with another. I suppose the more the word gets out there, the larger the catalogue will be. I predict/hope for a bright future for this site!

I looked up an oft searched photo from my own blog . . . and success! It had indeed been published. On my blog! Shoot! I was hoping to claim that I had been pirated. :) Oh, sometimes my vanity knows no bounds . . .

It could be really useful and kinda fun, although my son did offer a caveat in his response to my email about the site earlier today . . . "It is called and it works well, although it still doesn't have that much of the Internet catalogued, so it takes a bit of luck for it to have seen a given picture before."

I hope you find this a useful tool . . . too!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


ArabellaArabella by Georgette Heyer

Arabella is the first Georgette Heyer book that I have read. I can't imagine what has taken me so long! Perfectly pleasant, humorous in all the right places, and it was even somewhat difficult convincing myself that I wasn't reading a Jane Austen. I might be hooked.
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