Thursday, June 18, 2009

It is almost time

This is post number 99! Do you know what that means? Next post will bring a give-away. Scroll down several post for more information, but for now . . . leave a comment and you are entered! In the beginning, I thought it would be between three different pieces of jewelry, and it seems that everyone is interested in a pearl necklace, so a pearl necklace it will be!

It's wedding time! My house is full to overflowing with gorgeous, bright, sunny yellow flowers! From here on, it's an all out marathon. The Groom and his Dad are outside building the wedding arch. It seems that all of the college buddies are arriving today, and as it should be, he will have a little time with the people who travelled from all over the country to accompany, stand by, support, and witness, as he and his beloved begin this journey.

Bar-b-quer extraordinaire {who is also known as the Father-of-the-Groom} is finishing up his prep for the rehearsal dinner at the wedding site. Grocery shopping, transporting the equipment, and gophering for the resident florist. Busy, busy man, but we will feast.

My dress is fitted and refitted. The tuxedos are in. The house is semi-tidy. The shopping is done. The most handsome, teenie-little ring bearer tuxedos are at the seamstress' shop to be pressed, and don't faint, my check-off list is all checked off!

I don't know how this happened!
Now, maybe now, . . . maybe there will be a few minutes to spend with our son before he takes a wife and to enjoy observing: his love for this precious woman, his dedication to her, their happiness and impatience to begin this new adventure.

Oh, I am so happy. This is what we want for our children, to know love and to be loved.

Oh, wonderful, happiness and joy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Isn't Life Bee-u-ti-ful?

Oh, my . . .but I'm having trouble thinking straight! I just told someone that my husband was vacuuming the lawn {he was mowing}, right after I started out the front door to put a set of keys away, and cracked my son up by trying to start a sentence three times till he said it came out a la Porky Pig in the "ba-dee-da, ba-dee-da, ba-dee-da, That's all folks!"

Don't you wanna know why I am this exhausted? Our daughter had the BABY yesterday! Our FIRST GRANDDAUGHTER! Fiona Lillian Rose Isn't that just the most bee-u-ti-ful name? Fitting for the most bee-u-ti-ful baby! I haven't seen her yet this morning, but Mommy says she looks like her Papa today . . . or maybe a cross between Mommy and Mommy's Daddy. She has a LOT of dark blond hair, my apologies to everyone that I told she was a toe-head. I really thought it looked that color under the hospital lights.

I suppose that doesn't explain why I'm so exhausted, just why Elizabeth has every right to be . . . but trust me, Grandma's labor too. I'm not alert enough to put it in poetic terms, but I wish I could. It was beautiful. Outside of my own children, this is the first time that I have witnessed a baby's birth. I want to cry just telling you that. I well up and fight the tears back. I want to tell you all of the beautiful, lovely, spiritual, inspirational thoughts that are tumbling around inside my head, but I just don't have the ability. It's too much. It's too wonderful, it's too beautiful, it's too spiritual, it's too inspiring, it can't be contained within the framework of sentence structure and mere words.
~Much Love!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Update ~ She is Here!

Fiona Lillian Rose has arrived!
She made it! Bless her little heart! Mommy and baby are better than fine! They are just about perfect! Thank you for all of the prayers and concern! Elizabeth was able to deliver Fiona naturally. You can imagine how thrilled she is! Fiona's Big Brother is beside himself! He calls her, "My Fiona". And Daddy . . . he's a goner, totally smitten. You know what little girls do to their Daddies. Everything is just perfectly wonderful! We are completely satisfied and delighted. . . . . indeed!
{posted June 1o, 2009}

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In the meantime, it's late evening on June 3rd, and we're really hopeful! For all sorts of reasons, I don't think she'll make her appointment on Friday. Then again, what do I know? None of us has made a correct prediction yet!

June 4th ~ Like I said . . .what do I know? Tomorrow is Friday, it's late. Bless her heart.

June 5th ~ Check the comments, Elizabeth has added a note! Also, zip over to her blog. She posted two today! Photos of her house, and the nursery! I added this picture, so I could tell you, that Elizabeth made that pretty little lamp shade. The little hutch in the background was something that I had an artist make for her when she was about Christian's age. You can imagine how pleased I am that the time has come for her to use some of the sweet little things from her childhood. I love family history, and all of those wonderful connections. It makes a perfect circle. {contented Mona Lisa smile here.}

Bridal Shower

Okay, okay, I know you know that we have a wedding coming up. Wanna see some pictures? Remember, my computer is down, and I haven't been able to post pictures for a month and a half . . . I really needed to clear my memory card, I can't be in the middle of a baby's birth and suddenly find that I have no room on it! I broke down and loaded all 662 onto Sam's computer. You can tell, too. You know how you can feel it when you pack your car for a week long camping trip . . . it kind of feels like it's dragging it's tail a little bit? Sam's computer kind of feels a little like that, reeling from the sudden onrush of data.

I really want to brag here! Bebe made this cake! Isn't it wonderful? Daisies, gingham and delicate white eyelet are the sweet motif that Amy has chosen for their wedding. I love the way that Bebe interpreted that here for the Bridal shower.

The shower venue was Elizabeth's new home. She did a slightly French theme with the lavender and Perrier, and French Lavender sachets for favors. Lemons and cucumbers were delicious and refreshing in our water. That beautiful old table is a remnant from our store. It is a genuine French antique. Nobody had the good sense to buy it from us. Elizabeth's gain!

She stitched up the little sachets while she was still on bedrest. The freshest, heady lavender that could be found came from a little lavender farm near our home.

The beautiful dishes they have chosen are from Pier 1. Nine years ago, when Zach and Elizabeth were married, they registered at Pier 1, and they received every single thing they chose! My theory was that ladies just like shopping there. These days, the store doesn't have a Bridal Registry. They say their merchandise just moves through too quickly. Kind of a shame.

What do you think of those beautiful French script napkins! I looove them! {Also Pier 1. I may have had a little fun.} {silly grin}

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Photo Backlog

Do you believe those beautiful roses? They grow in my daughter's yard!

Our little vineyard.

I love gates and arbors.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Update

I have been so busy that I haven't updated, and I promised I would. Here's the scoop. Tomorrow morning, first thing, Elizabeth's Doctor is going to decide what they will be doing. Sadly, there's a good chance she'll have to have surgery. We're sure praying that she will be able to have the baby naturally.

The baby is not in position, which, in this case, means that her head is not pressing down where it should be.

Since she's not, they can't do any of the things that they would normally do to help labor progress, i.e. break her water, induce labor, and a few others. This is because all of those could or would cause her water to break, and without the baby's head in place, that would cause presentation of the umbilical cord. THAT is a serious emergency. If the cord becomes pinched between the baby's head and the side of the birth canal, which would be unavoidable if it came out first, then the baby's blood and oxygen supply is cut off. So you understand.

She's walking her little tootsies off. The Doctor suggested swimming, but it just wasn't warm enough today, so she came over to float in the spa. Let you know! We will have a baby, and really, really soon!

Pray for them!

June 2 update: This morning's appointment involved a Non Stress Test for the baby. He feels that the baby is stable, and he will give Mommy a few more days to try to go into labor naturally. Isn't that wonderful?! Thank you for the prayers! We're feeling encouraged and are reminded that God is in control.