Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Update

I have been so busy that I haven't updated, and I promised I would. Here's the scoop. Tomorrow morning, first thing, Elizabeth's Doctor is going to decide what they will be doing. Sadly, there's a good chance she'll have to have surgery. We're sure praying that she will be able to have the baby naturally.

The baby is not in position, which, in this case, means that her head is not pressing down where it should be.

Since she's not, they can't do any of the things that they would normally do to help labor progress, i.e. break her water, induce labor, and a few others. This is because all of those could or would cause her water to break, and without the baby's head in place, that would cause presentation of the umbilical cord. THAT is a serious emergency. If the cord becomes pinched between the baby's head and the side of the birth canal, which would be unavoidable if it came out first, then the baby's blood and oxygen supply is cut off. So you understand.

She's walking her little tootsies off. The Doctor suggested swimming, but it just wasn't warm enough today, so she came over to float in the spa. Let you know! We will have a baby, and really, really soon!

Pray for them!

June 2 update: This morning's appointment involved a Non Stress Test for the baby. He feels that the baby is stable, and he will give Mommy a few more days to try to go into labor naturally. Isn't that wonderful?! Thank you for the prayers! We're feeling encouraged and are reminded that God is in control.

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