Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Update ~ She is Here!

Fiona Lillian Rose has arrived!
She made it! Bless her little heart! Mommy and baby are better than fine! They are just about perfect! Thank you for all of the prayers and concern! Elizabeth was able to deliver Fiona naturally. You can imagine how thrilled she is! Fiona's Big Brother is beside himself! He calls her, "My Fiona". And Daddy . . . he's a goner, totally smitten. You know what little girls do to their Daddies. Everything is just perfectly wonderful! We are completely satisfied and delighted. . . . . indeed!
{posted June 1o, 2009}

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In the meantime, it's late evening on June 3rd, and we're really hopeful! For all sorts of reasons, I don't think she'll make her appointment on Friday. Then again, what do I know? None of us has made a correct prediction yet!

June 4th ~ Like I said . . .what do I know? Tomorrow is Friday, it's late. Bless her heart.

June 5th ~ Check the comments, Elizabeth has added a note! Also, zip over to her blog. She posted two today! Photos of her house, and the nursery! I added this picture, so I could tell you, that Elizabeth made that pretty little lamp shade. The little hutch in the background was something that I had an artist make for her when she was about Christian's age. You can imagine how pleased I am that the time has come for her to use some of the sweet little things from her childhood. I love family history, and all of those wonderful connections. It makes a perfect circle. {contented Mona Lisa smile here.}


  1. Hi Baby Update Checkers. I'm still at it. No baby yet, but I am hanging in there. There is a deadline, though, so I will absolutely have a baby in the next 5 days, no matter how that comes to be.

    Love, Elizabeth

  2. Hi there! I am kipping my good thoughts on you and my cute niece. I´m sure everything will turn out just fine...
    I´m not having the best days of my life cause I lost someone very important to me and to my family specially in that air plane crash (the air france), but it´s good to know that someone I care and love in putting a beautiful life in the world. Love you all.

  3. Livia! We are so happy to hear from you! At the same time, I am saddened by your news. Of course we were wondering about you and your family. You can email me at the same old address: greenemt@aol.com. I don't have yours.
    With Much Love! ~Debbi

  4. Debbi's first Granddaughter, Fiona has arrived, I'm sure she will post all the information when she gets a little sleep. G.G.