Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Isn't Life Bee-u-ti-ful?

Oh, my . . .but I'm having trouble thinking straight! I just told someone that my husband was vacuuming the lawn {he was mowing}, right after I started out the front door to put a set of keys away, and cracked my son up by trying to start a sentence three times till he said it came out a la Porky Pig in the "ba-dee-da, ba-dee-da, ba-dee-da, That's all folks!"

Don't you wanna know why I am this exhausted? Our daughter had the BABY yesterday! Our FIRST GRANDDAUGHTER! Fiona Lillian Rose Isn't that just the most bee-u-ti-ful name? Fitting for the most bee-u-ti-ful baby! I haven't seen her yet this morning, but Mommy says she looks like her Papa today . . . or maybe a cross between Mommy and Mommy's Daddy. She has a LOT of dark blond hair, my apologies to everyone that I told she was a toe-head. I really thought it looked that color under the hospital lights.

I suppose that doesn't explain why I'm so exhausted, just why Elizabeth has every right to be . . . but trust me, Grandma's labor too. I'm not alert enough to put it in poetic terms, but I wish I could. It was beautiful. Outside of my own children, this is the first time that I have witnessed a baby's birth. I want to cry just telling you that. I well up and fight the tears back. I want to tell you all of the beautiful, lovely, spiritual, inspirational thoughts that are tumbling around inside my head, but I just don't have the ability. It's too much. It's too wonderful, it's too beautiful, it's too spiritual, it's too inspiring, it can't be contained within the framework of sentence structure and mere words.
~Much Love!


  1. Congratulations Justin and Elizabeth!! And Mark and Debbi too... :-)

  2. We must have some awesome genetics in this family because she's GORGEOUS!!! (I guess it could have come from the Harrison side too, but I'm a Greenlee so whattaya gonna do?)

  3. Oh my goodness!!! How wonderful for your family!!! Your daughter is stunning and what a precious bundle!!! I can just feel the love and excitement in your words, so sweet!!! Congratulations to you all!!!
    Milli (sahsagirl on flickr)

  4. Such a lovely photo - congratulations to your entire family as you welcome tiny, sweet Fiona.

    Hope the scones turn out well - make sure the butter is really cold - I cut mine into tiny cubes then place in the freezer for 5 mins. before rubbing in!

  5. Debbie, how nice to read your beautiful words. I´m so happy for elizabeth and for your family. I miss you very much. Why don´t you write me an e-mail? I would love to hear from you. My e-mail is

    Love you all, always.

  6. Happy happy birthday Darling... could you have received a more wonderful gift this year??x