Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bridal Shower

Okay, okay, I know you know that we have a wedding coming up. Wanna see some pictures? Remember, my computer is down, and I haven't been able to post pictures for a month and a half . . . I really needed to clear my memory card, I can't be in the middle of a baby's birth and suddenly find that I have no room on it! I broke down and loaded all 662 onto Sam's computer. You can tell, too. You know how you can feel it when you pack your car for a week long camping trip . . . it kind of feels like it's dragging it's tail a little bit? Sam's computer kind of feels a little like that, reeling from the sudden onrush of data.

I really want to brag here! Bebe made this cake! Isn't it wonderful? Daisies, gingham and delicate white eyelet are the sweet motif that Amy has chosen for their wedding. I love the way that Bebe interpreted that here for the Bridal shower.

The shower venue was Elizabeth's new home. She did a slightly French theme with the lavender and Perrier, and French Lavender sachets for favors. Lemons and cucumbers were delicious and refreshing in our water. That beautiful old table is a remnant from our store. It is a genuine French antique. Nobody had the good sense to buy it from us. Elizabeth's gain!

She stitched up the little sachets while she was still on bedrest. The freshest, heady lavender that could be found came from a little lavender farm near our home.

The beautiful dishes they have chosen are from Pier 1. Nine years ago, when Zach and Elizabeth were married, they registered at Pier 1, and they received every single thing they chose! My theory was that ladies just like shopping there. These days, the store doesn't have a Bridal Registry. They say their merchandise just moves through too quickly. Kind of a shame.

What do you think of those beautiful French script napkins! I looove them! {Also Pier 1. I may have had a little fun.} {silly grin}

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  1. Keep us updated on Elizabeth! My family is praying for her and wishing them all the best!--Melinda

  2. Debbi! I just discovered your blog because I discovered Elizabeth's blog because she facebooked me. Don't we all love the internets? :-)
    I am just now catching up on the fact that Elizabeth is due with her second (still due or done?) and all of that. I have had such fun reading through her back posts and admiring the creativity you and she and my mom all seem to share. My creative streak is there (thanks to Mom!), just hidden a little deeper. Seeing all the things you guys have made makes me excited to dig into it some day once I have time. I look forward to seeing what you make for your giveaway winner! And here's hoping you are not sitting at your computer right now reading this, but rather sitting in the hospital enjoying your new granddaughter.