Thursday, June 18, 2009

It is almost time

This is post number 99! Do you know what that means? Next post will bring a give-away. Scroll down several post for more information, but for now . . . leave a comment and you are entered! In the beginning, I thought it would be between three different pieces of jewelry, and it seems that everyone is interested in a pearl necklace, so a pearl necklace it will be!

It's wedding time! My house is full to overflowing with gorgeous, bright, sunny yellow flowers! From here on, it's an all out marathon. The Groom and his Dad are outside building the wedding arch. It seems that all of the college buddies are arriving today, and as it should be, he will have a little time with the people who travelled from all over the country to accompany, stand by, support, and witness, as he and his beloved begin this journey.

Bar-b-quer extraordinaire {who is also known as the Father-of-the-Groom} is finishing up his prep for the rehearsal dinner at the wedding site. Grocery shopping, transporting the equipment, and gophering for the resident florist. Busy, busy man, but we will feast.

My dress is fitted and refitted. The tuxedos are in. The house is semi-tidy. The shopping is done. The most handsome, teenie-little ring bearer tuxedos are at the seamstress' shop to be pressed, and don't faint, my check-off list is all checked off!

I don't know how this happened!
Now, maybe now, . . . maybe there will be a few minutes to spend with our son before he takes a wife and to enjoy observing: his love for this precious woman, his dedication to her, their happiness and impatience to begin this new adventure.

Oh, I am so happy. This is what we want for our children, to know love and to be loved.

Oh, wonderful, happiness and joy!

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  1. And what a beautiful wedding it was! So much love and tenderness... such obvious joy between the bride and groom, and the families too.