Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Wedding!

Mr. and Mrs.

So . . . one day, your son is minding his studies, doing a "Semester Abroad" at Oxford. You notice that the middle of the night Skype calls are fewer and farther between, then the email frequency is similarly diminished.

hmmmmm . . . you think.

He mentions that, "There is a girl. . ."

hmmmmm . . .you think.

Then, when you do hear from him, he begins peppering his sentences with "Amy and I".

hmmmmm . . . you think.

He sends pictures home, "Amy and I at C.S. Lewis' house" "Amy and I at Stonehenge" "Amy and I at the Eagle and Child", "Amy and I frolicking in the snow", and so forth.

hmmmmm . . .you think.

This is going somewhere, you think.

You're very right.

It was a sweet country wedding. Yellow daisies, eyelet, gingham and Mason jars..

The flower cart was also the candy buffet. You can't see the shelf in this photo where Mason Jars held all manner of old fashioned confections. The vintage style candies were a pretty wonderful treat!

The stained glass window was originally built for Elizabeth and Justin's wedding, five years ago. They were married in the same garden. What wonderful memories we have there!
When Elizabeth was first looking it over, she looked at the brick wall, with that lovely window opening, and mused that she wished there were a stained glass window in it so it felt more like a church. I hadn't done much stained glass in . . . a number of years, a great number of years, and I liked the idea. I really, really liked it! . . . so there you go! That is the way the stained glass window happened.

This lovely lady is my Granndmother, and the Groom's Great Grandmother. When I say," my Grandma says . . ." she is the one that I am quoting. This is Grandma Cassie Lillian. The precious new baby is named for her.

Isn't it a wonderful life?

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  1. Beautiful! The pictures from the wedding turned out great. It was such a lovely, special night.