Friday, July 10, 2009

Treasure Necklace

Here it is! It's the wonderful necklace that I finally produced after my class with Robin Dudley-Howes at Gilding the Lily in Fullerton.

The script underneath the butterfly is copied from one of Grandma Seastrand's postcards. I was the recipient of her very own collection {from her childhood, circa 1900-1910}. {And, I would never deface one of them! I promise! I only photocopy them!}

. . .as is the postmark under this butterfly {from one of her postcards}. Robin supplied each of us with a few scraps of paper from which to choose the words to narrate our projects. I liked 'bide' for the butterfly. As it turned out, I seem to have used several butterfly images, and pardon me if I go and get all ethereal on you, but really, just imagine the butterfly as it bides it's time in the chrysallis, just imagine . . .
{It looks like maybe I was feeling a little bit ethereal that day, and maybe today, too.}

This wonderful little bottle {about 1 1/2"tall} is filled with German glass glitter and a pearl. The bottle's own serendipitous words read, "classic elegance". Don't you just love the word "Serendipity"?

. . . also a vintage image, this grand beauty. The charms are an assortment of nifty little finds like a sparkly green stone that I wore on my charm bracelet when I was a little girl. {I remember when Mom bought it in a jewelry store on Guam.} There are bits of old broken jewelry that I have been holding on to, and an old button cut from deer antler that all the guys at the antique fair thought was likely American Indian. It is lovely {If I do say so myself!} and I love it!

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  1. Hi Debbi
    I love these photos. Do you have some kind of setting to make them look romantic like this? I put a link to your site on my post from yesterday!
    take care