Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sterling Silver Tea Cups

Sterling silver tea cups

Amy Powers  (Inspire Co.) hosted an adorable, really, exchange that has culminated just this week.  The tea cups were my contribution.  I was in some pretty, wonderfully creative company!  This link will take you to a slide show (on Amy's site) where you can enjoy all of the adorableness.  Pretty wonderful stuff!  Amy's efforts were great.  She approached this project as she does everything, with panache.  I think you'll enjoy the slide show.


Here we have a bowl of pickled tea cups.  How often does one get to say that?
I forged the cups from 26 gauge sterling silver, soldered sterling wire handles onto them, pickled and polished.  (Somehow, in writing, it seems such a breeze.)  :)

Bowl width, approximately 3/8"

Our assignment was to make 12@, 1/12 scale doll house miniatures.  I've been planning to make something like these for some time, and am so pleased to have the impetus to finally just do itThat is something that I really enjoy about exchanges.

For more inspiration, information about the exchange and instructions for some of Amy's lovely miniatures, follow this link

My time isn't my own, but I promise to photograph the lovies that came to me and share with you!
(Including a miniature painting from Mary Engelbreit!  I know!) 
This was such a very talented group of women. I am humbled and honored to have been able to participate.

I hope you are all well!
It's been far, too long!

Much Love!

Well, hello.  Just enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a jungle cruise.  Hasn't it been a long time!?  How are you, anyway?  I thought I would do a quick test post, then settle in. I have something to share! I've missed you!