Saturday, August 21, 2010


Have you heard of this yet? It is a reverse image search engine. You give it an image, and the site will search to see whether it has been published on another website.

I shared the address with another blogger {Paris Hotel Boutique Journal} just today. She is hoping to find the origins of a number of photographs that she has saved . . . and who knows? It may work.

Note: She DID have some luck. Not with the original photo that she hoped, but with another. I suppose the more the word gets out there, the larger the catalogue will be. I predict/hope for a bright future for this site!

I looked up an oft searched photo from my own blog . . . and success! It had indeed been published. On my blog! Shoot! I was hoping to claim that I had been pirated. :) Oh, sometimes my vanity knows no bounds . . .

It could be really useful and kinda fun, although my son did offer a caveat in his response to my email about the site earlier today . . . "It is called and it works well, although it still doesn't have that much of the Internet catalogued, so it takes a bit of luck for it to have seen a given picture before."

I hope you find this a useful tool . . . too!


  1. Ah thanks for the tip, I will have to check it out!


  2. Debbi, thanks for the information, I will have to check it out. You have a nice week. Hugs, sandi

  3. what a cool tool. thank for the info!

  4. Debbie, first of all, thanks again for the tip about Tineye. It's great!

    Thank you for the most touching comment about our grandmas. I'm so very sorry that you lost yours too. Even though people say how lucky we were to have them for so many years, it hurts just as much. I think since we always had them for so many years, it seems that they'd always be there. It was so odd to have mine turn 100 then pass away shortly after. The wisdom of them with 100 years of living is nothing our generation can even relate too.

    Thanks again. May their memories serve as a blessing...


  5. Hi Debbie

    You are always so sweet. Wish you lived closer! Hey are you going to An Artful journey in Feb? It's so close to you! HOpe you are creating lots!