Friday, December 10, 2010

White Christmas Ornament Swap

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this . . . but my favorite swaps are always Dede Warren's. Her latest is simply every bit as wonderful as the others I have participated in! I don't understand how or why, but she simply attracts cool artists! You'll try to leave space for me in future swaps now that I've given up the good information, won't you?!
I was temporarily without a camera of my own when I made these and shipped them off, so I have no other photograph of my submission. These are 2" square.
The photo above is Dede Warren's work.
Yep. She's good at that, too. :)
I understand that our ornaments have been shipped! I'll show you all the wonderful handmade goodies once they arrive! Yay! Click on the links below for more photos from Dede's blog.


  1. The ornaments in the picture are just beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, simply stunning! Looks like a wonderful swap~ enJOY!

  3. I love my snowflake and how it glistens on my tree!!!
    thank you,