Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogger Issues

Here is my question, quandry, problem . . . whatever you want to call it. Blogger has a tendency to reformat my posts. Do you have this problem, too? I'll carefully space and center and position, italicize or resize . . . only to have it all randomly undone once I click on Publish. AARGH! I can't explain it, but it seems even worse when I use the Preview option. I want to put this question out to the great big blogging world . . . What can be done about this? Almost every time that I work on my blog, or edit and re~edit my formatting, one more person discontinues following. . . . sigh . . .

A few people do follow my blog. {And I think you're wonderful, by the way! Mmmwwwaaahhh!} I know that few of you actually have the time to look at it, and that's okay. I do the same thing. I love so many, that I can read only those that I have time for that day. {But if I have a sick day, don't look for me anywhere else! I'll be catching up!} I've made the decision not to discontinue following anyone. {Only on the occassion when I didn't pay close attention before I clicked on the Follow Button and the writer has a tendency toward nasty language, or some such do I }

It's probably just an issue of my ignorance of HTML code, or something such . . . but if you feel like helping a blogger out with code hints or suggestions . . . I would be terribly grateful!


  1. Oh, I am sorry for your problem. No, I do not have that problem. I never change anything because it was set up for me and I would not know how to change or move anything. My son owns Escalon Computers and they can help you. He helps me, sweet guy! I know he has a few lol's about me and my blog. He told me, " I have never heard of something like that before,(when I tell him what my computer did.) Can you believe I can be so unique! I don't think soooooo! Hope you work it out. Have a nice week. sandi

  2. Bonjour Debbi,
    Blogger just does some odd things every so often. Once in a while it won't space my paragraphs like I want - I've decided to just hit publish anyway. Hope you are ready for Christmas and ready to have a wonderful new year!

  3. Hi Debbi, thanks for stopping by! I wish I could help you on the Blogger stuff, but I'm not the girl. I know it needs some improvements! Take care, Riki

  4. Hi Debbi, this happens to me too, especially when I write something in Word, then copy and paste. I often have to spend ages deleting the spaces. Yes, aarghh! I think it's better to post straight to blogger and you can go into your HTML code and change things but that makes a lot of people nervous!

    I'm not sure if I am a follower of yours. I'll check and will follow you if I'm not already!

    I have 5 blogs, but one is about Paris.

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