Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sitting beside the fire

I hope I never stop seeing a glowing, crackle-y fire in the fireplace as anything other than cozy and romantic. I should think the day that it becomes purely utilitarian to me would be a very sad day, indeed.

{So, it's not exactly a roaring fire. :) I had to use an old photo. My camera is still on a medical mission in Haiti.}

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  1. Such a nice post for the holiday season, I SO agree with you on this one! My husband and I just talked about this last evening after I returned from a home that had one of those 'gas' fireplaces. It had some atmosphere, but much was missing....The crackling sounds, pop of wood, earthy LOVELY smell that only a real fire can bring. And, the best part, is the coziness of it all. We tend to gather around it, relax, fall asleep so easily. There symbolism of community and gathering around the fire is special. Lovely...