Monday, October 4, 2010

Jane Austen

Did you know that I'm a hopeless Janeite?

Did you know that I dragged my sweet husband and son to her home while we were in England!? I know! Darlings, aren't they?!

Did you know that her portrait and a picture of her cottage in Chawton actually hang in my home!!? And that I bought them in the bookshop inside her home?

Did you know that I have only finished three scrapbook projects in my life . . . one for my Mother, a copy of that one for my brother, and "Our Visit to Jane Austen's Home"!?

Yep . . . even bought bookplates, scratched my name onto this one with that pheasant feather quill . . . it came from the gift shop, too . . . told you I was hopeless!
So you'll understand when I tell you how excitedly I read Vic's, Jane Austen Today post, A Virtual Visit to Chawton Cottage. In it she has posted a virtual treasury of links to other blogs, as well as a few on You Tube . . . in case, you, too . . . have an interest verging on obsession . . . :) I especially enjoyed Tony Grant's blog, London Calling {this link will take you directly to his Chawton Cottage post} . . . he visited the house, photographed the interior and the community . . . I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it . . . especially since, when we were there, I apparently misunderstood the photographic restrictions, and took only one photo inside! Can you believe that!? . . .but it was of her writing table . . .
Okay, so I have confessed . . . Hello. My name is Debbi, and I am a hopeless Janeite.
. . . but there are worse things . . . No?
P.S. I've added a few more photos on this post! Just in case, you know . . .


  1. Thank you for linking to London Calling,Debbi.

    What a wonderful scrapbook.I am glad you enjoyed Hampshire and Chawton so much.

    I realise I am lucky to have lived all my life within a few miles of all things Jane Austen in Hampshire and now Surrey (Wimbledon).

    I was born and brought up in Southampton, on the south coast. My grandmother showed me the spot in Castle Square, where Jane lived for two years before moving to the cottage in Chawton, when I was quite young. I also saw her grave in Winchester Cathedral for the first time at a young age too.

    I must admit I didn't really get interested in Jane's novels until I was at university doing a degree in English Literature and we had to read Mansfield Park. The rest is history.

    All the best,

  2. Delightful scrapbook! My mom is a Janeite, and I'm *almost* one, myself!

  3. I LOVE this scrapbook. May I share a few images on my blog later this week? And thank you for the shout out!


  4. I will add my name to the list of Janeite confessors. I think it's so great that you made a pilgrimage and a scrapbook to go with it! It's amazing that this one woman has had such a far-reaching impact. She probably could never have imagined.

  5. Beautiful scrapbook! I'm jealous of you for being able to visit Chawton! It's one of my dream trips.

  6. What a gorgeous scrapbook!

    I also made a scrapbook of my visit to Chawton, but nothing as impressive as this.

    You can see the scrapbook and pictures of my visit to Chawton in my blog if you go to Austen country.

  7. Lovely Debbi. You are so talented.