Friday, October 8, 2010

Jane Austen Scrapbook

After Sweet Vic over at Jane Austen Today mentioned my Jane Austen Scrapbook, {and thank you, Vic, I am so flattered!} . . . I thought I might add a few more pages . . . I took very few photos, a very unfortunate misunderstanding on my part . . . but I bought several postcards, which are pretty great representations, anyway! Thank Goodness!

Above {These actual pieces are on display in the cottage!} are a few pieces of Jane and Cassandra's jewelry.

The back of the postcard reads: The topaz crosses were given to Jane {right} and Cassandra {left} by their brother Charles. Charles purchased the crosses with prize money from the capture of a French vessel during the Napoleonic War.

Actual photograph that I did take of Jane Austen's Donkey Cart! Such amazing personal possessions! I think this is a large part of those things which set Chawton College apart from a lot of other Home Museums. It is filled, mainly, with Jane's and her family's actual possessions.

This is also one of the photos that I shot . . . I am not certain, but pretty sure, that the sign said this is the cornerstone from Jane's Father's church. Please notify me if you know this to be incorrect!

For some reason . . . I have a set of First Day Covers of Jane Austen Stamps . . . dated 1975 . . . go figure!

If you happen to be inclined . . . scroll down a few posts, to see more photos from my scrapbook
. . . or follow this link. Having the opportunity to visit her house in Chawton was just one of the most wonderful opportunities EVER!
If you follow the tags/links beneath this post, they will take you to the posts that I wrote home to my family while we were in England. If you ever have the opportunity . . . by all means, GO! Go! GO!


  1. Debbi, when the stamps were first issued a lot would have been printed to be sold later.They would have been franked on the date of issue. Chawton Cottage probably has a whole lot of these to sell. However once they have gone their rarity can only increase.

  2. Thank you so much, Tony for the information on the stamps! Just in case anyone is interested though, I did not buy them at Chawton Cottage. Although, they may well be available there, I don't know.

    Years ago, I had a little gifts/antiques/flower/coffee house. {So maybe I attempted to be an over-achiever} :) I don't remember exactly how I acquired them, but they were originally for my shop. Probably, sad to say . . . eBay. :) And, incidentally . . . I did not overachieve . . . my little boutique is long closed . . . sigh . . .


  3. Love this, Debbi. I am going to tweet this and place it on my FB page. Vic