Friday, October 8, 2010

Framed Butterfly Art How-to . . .

What do you think? Kind of pretty, isn't it?
Needing to fill a blank space on the wall, in a hurry . . . Son and his Bride were coming for a visit . . . like tomorrow {when I did it} . . . and the guest bath was a sight! This isn't difficult, or expensive . . . at all!
In this case it was free.
Here's how it goes . . . in the first photo, you can tell that I have removed the glass for the purpose of photographing . . . you can also tell that the butterflies are glued down . . . right? See?
{clicking on the photos it will enlarge them, in case you need a clearer view}

I cut those gorgeous butterflies out of a piece of really, exquisite scrapbook paper that I already had. They were even pre-glittered! Just cut your images out carefully . . .
Next . . . to disguise the white edges where you have trimmed . . . pass the felt edge of a sharpie along all raw paper edges. I liked the black one for this use, but I often use a nice chocolate brown felt tipped pen for finishing edges like this.

Lay all of your elements out carefully inside your frame . . . it helps to correct your spacing . . .
Line them up on a larger sheet cut to fit the frame opening . . . It could be scrapbook paper or any old thing with the look that pleases you . . . sheet music . . . printed page . . . map . . . burlap . . . linen . . .
Spot glue in place . . . reinsert glass, and frame!
I got really lucky and had this Target clearanced Rachel Ashwell frame in my frame pile/stash.
I just knew I would find something to put in such a pretty blue frame!
Et Voila! In practically an instant . . . a lovely piece of original framed art is yours!
Now, wasn't that cinchy!?


  1. How perfectly clever! I love your "instant art"! I found you from a link on the Modesto Bee. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Your framed butterflies are really beautiful!