Saturday, October 23, 2010


Soooo . . . what do you think of my tent in it's proper surroundings? This means it no longer gives us that extra little shelter in the living room, but it did look pretty good out there . . .
Can you believe this is really my assigned spot!?
I wish like everything I had taken a shot after my daughter left her things.
. . . ah, well . . .

My nephew, and his wife made Goat Milk Soap. It was absolutely the most popular item there. Hooray!

'scuse me now . . . while I take this headache to bed. It has been a loooong day!



  1. Hey Debbi, you did a great job on the tent. Love the black and white, very French. I am happy the rain held off Saturday. No need to really test that tent! Have a good Sunday.
    hugs, sandi

  2. It looks awesome! and by the way, I love the sterling nest and pearl eggs!

    come visit:

    I have a surprise for you:)


  3. You are so creative! Love the little nest pin! And your outside tent looks great here, too! Goat's Milk Soap? Now that sounds very interesting...and homemade, too...nice!