Monday, October 4, 2010

I have not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs . . .

. . . but I can't tell you when the swelling will go down, and I'll have fingerprints again!
It's kinda cute though, huh?
At a recent baby shower, we were each asked to make a quilt square. Everything was provided, the iron on adhesive was already applied to the back of the myriad fabric options . . . There were embellishments, and embroidery floss . . . the squares were precut to the proper size, and templates were available to trace each person's choice of jungle creature . . . {I kind of have a thing for giraffes.}
The thing was, I couldn't get near the table to make one! Good excuse, eh? A good excuse that was thwarted by my Sister-in-law a couple of weeks later when she showed up on a family outing with all of the supplies that I could possibly need to make a quilt square. Funny girl.
All obstacles removed from my path, this is the result . . . one of the new Grammy's friends will turn this into a wonderful keepsake quilt . . . Nice. :)
. . . and a great idea, don't you think?

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