Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nesting Season

I can't wait to tell you what I discovered in our backyard this morning. First, a tiny bit of background . . . When Sam was a little boy, he built a perfectly beautiful little birdhouse in his 4-H woodworking class. It was immediately, and with great pride, hung on the deck post, right where we could enjoy it from the breakfast table. Over the years his beautiful birdhouse has been the birthplace of gazillions of . . . wasps! Today, I see the promise of something new, different and wonderful! As I stepped under the little bird house, I felt and heard a flutter of bird wings! I didn't see the bird, but there was no doubt that it was there. I hadn't been looking in the right direction because I was trying to discover what all of those lumpy things were on the ground. They were bits and pieces of an old wasp nest. Birds are moving in! For the first time in about ten years! The little birdie parents are taking over their proper home, built for them, throwing out the squatters, and cleaning house! I couldn't be more pleased! Isn't it wonderful? I'll try to take pictures tomorrow, but I couldn't wait to tell you! A lot of moving going on these days. Must be nesting season. :)

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  1. Love this! For the past few years we've missed the hummingbirds that use to bring forth their babies on the thin, thin strand of Christmas lights that line the back of the house. They made their home for years rebuilding the nest from the year before. I sure do miss them and hope one day they too will return. The woodpecker that comes now isn't nearly as enjoyable, but he brings his own sort of fun I suppose.