Friday, February 27, 2009

More Violets

The Dog Violet Fairy

I dropped in to Main Street Antiques in Turlock last week. My friend Betty Sue has a booth there. You see that I was unable to resist more violets. I am such a sucker for them. Don't try to tell me that they wouldn't have found their way home with you if you had seen them first! These were mailed in 1910 and 1911. Think of that. Do you suppose anything we send now will be worth saving in a hundred years?

. . . Oh, and you should see what I bought from Betty Sue! Maybe I'll just tease you, and maybe I'll take more pictures . . . You should definitely stop in!

Don't you just love the wax seal and ribbon on this one? It was intended and expected to be cherished. And someone did just that. Such a nice thought.

When I posted the photo of my first violets of the year a couple weeks ago, I actually did a little research, and just couldn't waste it, thinking, naturally, that you were probably going to need it. :)

A Little Violet Lore
Courtesy of the American Violet Society

Violet Magic :

A garland of violets around the neck protects from deception and inebriation.

Used in love philters and spells, it restores health after a long illness.

If you are given violets plants as a gift, it's very auspicious. If this gift comes from your lover, the better.

When violets bloom in the fall, they mean to warn us about imminent dangers.

When violets appear in your dreams, fortune is not too long away.

Dreaming Violets? A Violet in your Dreams.... You will marry someone younger than yourself!

I see that dreaming of violets has two meanings. You will marry someone younger, and fortune is not too long away. They both do sound pretty dreamy, I suppose. :)

Want to know more about Violets?

The Heartease Fairy
Cecily Mary Barker

Antique engraving, compliments of Diane Knott's Musings

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