Monday, February 23, 2009

It is good

We, as in all of us, the entire family, are spending our days helping with the big move, and the nights recuperating. Every last one of us is sore and achy. Mark and I are walking, nay, hobbling around like we've added thirty years to our already ample ages.

Justin has youth and fitness on his side. Pregnancy is not helping Elizabeth. {Mom grin} She's achy and off balance, and not allowed to lift, so she's a little frustrated, wanting so much to do so much. Isn't that the way it is?

Christian is just as pleased as punch. He loves playing in his new "Green Room". He doesn't want to leave. When his parents needed to make one more trip to the old house this afternoon, he came to find someone who he knew would be sympathetic to his needs, he sought out Grammy. He might have figured me for a soft touch, I don't know. . . but he came to me, hand beside his mouth lest his parents overhear, looking so pitiful it would have broken your heart and whispered, pleadingly, "I don't want to go." So he didn't. It would have taken a pretty heartless Grammy to deny him this honest, sad request. He was tired, and three, and settled in, and the television had just arrived, and Thomas the Tank Engine was on it.

Zach, Elizabeth and their boys provided much needed muscle, in spite of Zach having been up working all night, and eventually succumbing to exhaustion on the love seat. But he looked so cute. {another Mom grin} Imagine three little boys amid the confusion of moving cartons and a moving van. Oh, and the big hole in the backyard that. . . we are pretty sure, was designed for pint-sized adventures. Yep, pretty much the definition of little boy adventure-land.

{ridding the new yard of a poisonous berry plant}

Happy Parents + Happy Kids = Happy Life

Photo Credits:

In the U-Haul ~ Justin

Cutting the bush ~ Bebe

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  1. I just love your sweet family and your blog. I will read it all within the next few days! thank you for your comments on my work!
    I am a Mema, the first grandchild gets to decide? and isn't it even more wonderful than we imagined!