Monday, June 21, 2010

Brocante Home

I have mentioned Alison of Brocante Home fame, in this space a goodly number of times . . . she is afterall, the match that lit my fuse . . . sat me down and insisted that I put pen to paper {so to speak} to write some of my memories for my children. {Which is the accidental path that I took to blogdom.}

First, I fell in love with her deeply personal blog, which as time went on, I discovered was a little side trip. Her blog is really about making Old Fashioned Happiness at home . . . with your own little family, within the four walls of your very own precious home.

She is old fashioned lavender scented loveliness. She's British . . . did I tell you that? I met Alison just before our own trip to England . . . and that may be a large part of my original affection. The funny thing is, I had Googled something else entirely when I found her blog . . . the thing I searched for, I didn't find . . . distracted as I was by Alison's heartfelt, heartwrenching writing style.

Personally, I feel that she is at her writing best when she speaks from her heart, I could honestly say, when she spills her soul . . . she'll cause that deep welling up in your heart . . .

However; the main focus of her blog/web site is Vintage Housekeeping. Alison will thrill you with her Puttery Treats and scrumptious bits of household wisdom, a la a lifestyle that the world forgot about the time June Cleaver left the airwaves.

All of this Vintage Loveliness is wrapped up into a pretty parcel that is also a thoroughly modern lifestyle, achieved through this wonderful, magical World Wide Web. The web site, the blog, the stories, the suggestions, the insights, the books, the downloads {some free, some for sale}, the Internet treasures that she shares with us. . . this is the way our heroine, Alison May, supports herself, and her darling son . . . Old fashioned Mommy ingenuity meets New World challenges head on . . . in the most delightful vintage way! . . . and we are the ones who reap the rewards.

When you go there, the link will take you to her web site, search around and enjoy all of the vintage images and research that she has done for us . . . then click on her Blog Link, and search to your hearts content . . . Click on the Alison link, to allow her to tell you, in her own lyrical voice, what she is about . . . "I am living proof that life only gets more scrumptious when you live to tell the tale of your worst nightmare coming true, and seek solace in your absolute belief in your own authenticity."

And search her Archives, start like I did, about two and a half years ago . . . to meet someone who I am certain will become as sweet a friend of yours, as she has become of mine . . . however virtual . . .

You are most welcome. :)

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  1. Like you, I'm so glad I stumbled across BrocanteHome many years ago... Happy accidents!