Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Austen without Zombies, Watercolors, and Quiet Loveliness

For weeks, I have had nary a minute to myself. Happening upon the unexpected pleasure of a single unscheduled afternoon, directly in front of me . . . I am positing myself here,

. . . lulled by the ticking of the clock, that my daughter forgot {ah, well}

{while she decides whether or not she can bring herself to sell such a treasure . . .}

. . . reading this, because I have joined this group, and I honestly can not tell you whether I have actually read Pride and Prejudice, or my knowledge is of the movie variety.

Betwixt chapters, while each petal has had the opportunity to dry, I am attempting to avail myself of all of the information in this book,

. . . as I am determined to teach myself to paint with watercolors, so that I might live out my romantic aspirations of finding myself in the most lovely of plein air situations, whilst I busy myself becoming the woman that I am inside my heart.

Pardon me, while I return to all of this loveliness! {she skips away . . .}


  1. It looks like you're off to an amazing start at the watercolors! You will love Pride and Prejudice (the non-film version)! Of the films, do you have a favorite?

  2. your watercolor looks lovely.

    do you want to be elizabeth
    or jane bennett?

  3. Mom, I'm sure you've read it. You must have! We've had debates over whether or not they over-emphasized Mrs. Bennett's absurdity in the film. I say no. Looks like you're having a wonderful day. Enjoy the clock. For now. ;) Perhaps we shouldn't interrupt with our swimming date. Love!

  4. Dear Ones; Ooh, I love the thought provoking . . . so here are my thoughts, and what do you think? Which is your favorite book? Which heroine would you prefer to be? Elizabeth or Jane Bennet?

    VMichelle: Intriguing query. Believe it or not, I had never thought of it, I love them all so well. There are definitely insights in the book that I was not aware of, so it seems most likely that I have not read it. Gasp! How could this be?
    But Elizabeth makes a good point, about our conversations . . . and I do always think that Mr. Darcy seems unfairly portrayed in movies, and he really is a much more sympathetic character in the book, so maybe I have read it . . . hmmm . . . so the jury is still out as to whether I have read Pride and Prejudice or not.
    But my favorite Austen book . . . after consideration, I think probably Mansfield Park. I know that there is considerable debate about whether Fanny and Edmund are believable characters, and in certain circles, I understand that . . . but the entire time I read it was so impressed that Edmund was the literary twin of my own son Samuel. And because of that I 'got him'. Totally and completely, and I equally believe that these personas were very likely in Regency England. So I think the connection speaks to me, and I remember being enthralled throughout the entirety of it.

    My Letters to Emily: Elizabeth Bennet, hands down! She ends up with Mr. Darcy! I admit to a hopeless crush! Jane's lot is cast with a kind and loveable man, but I think life is ultimately going to be a lot more fun and exciting over at Pemberley! I think I answered which husband would you rather . . . but Elizabeth is the more spirited, although kind of quick to rush to judgement, and maybe I identify with her . . . a. little. bit.

    What do YOU think?

  5. An uninterrupted peaceful afternoon to do whatever you want just sounds heavenly. Enjoy your book and painting! Connie

  6. Oh Debbi, I covet your afternoon AND the lamp beside your respit place...when we get together you must share where you acquired it! I've been looking and looking...let's set a date...I'm home for the rest of the summer.

  7. Ah! Aren't peaceful afternoons just great?!

    I recently rented Pride and Prejudice from Netflicks and ended up watching an entire disk on one evening (2+ hours) and then the second disk the next evening. Loved every minute of it! I really enjoy the costuming and the lovely homes they film these mini-series in. Wow!

    Don't believe I have ever actually read the books, however. What a shame. Guess I should do that, huh??

    I tried watercolors several times. I love them, but not my thing anymore. I quit painting after I had to go back to work full time.

    Have a great day!!

  8. Love all the books by Jane! Took the chance and read them all over a year some time ago! Have fun, and hey, I think we have the same sofa - - mine is in a dark mushroom velvety fabric! You get lots of super nice natural light in that room!


  9. Totally don't get the Austen whit Zombies! Glad you like the classic too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Good Morning,
    Your petals look perfect! I think I would like to learn to paint in my next lifetime too!

    Have a relaxing Sunday with family and friends. ~Natalie

  11. Hope you're having a great time with watercolors... love, love, love to paint with them~
    I'm self-taught... when your heart leads the way~ all is perfect!
    Hope you're having a wonderful summer~