Sunday, June 27, 2010


Could you ever tire of pearls?

Me neither.

The bracelet and necklace set, I strung as a thank you gift from my daughter's Bible Study group for their instructor. I hear she was delighted!

The baroque, double strand necklace in the bottom photograph are for a client.
Last Spring, I sat for hours and hours over the two day run of the local Gem and Mineral Show, demonstrating pearl stringing. During a shopping break, while shopping for pearls {naturally} the vendor noticing my demonstrator ribbon, asks what I'm demonstrating. Upon my answer, she selected and handed six beautiful, gorgeous strands of pearls to me, and said, "Thank you! You've sent hundreds of customers to me, and I take care of my people!"
Me, ever in control, "Wha . . .? Huh?" Looking around to be certain, asking, "Me?"

I really, really love pearls, I'm tellin' ya! My current project is a strand of opera length pearls. The thread knotted at the very end, and I have to start all over. . . sheesh . . . The client however, is very understanding . . .
cause these are for moi!

As my dear friend put it when I first began to take the pearl stringing classes,

"You'll know which one is Debbi. She'll be the one dripping in pearls . . . "

{big ol' smile!}


  1. Nice ones!!
    Every girl needs them!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I'm with you pearls are always one of my favorites for jewelry. - Julie