Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michelle L. Palmer Art

I have found a kindred spirit! I said that to my husband . . . showed her blog to him . . . and he laughed out loud! Lest you think that's an insult . . . It most certainly, is not! It was the number of common threads we weave . . . And, wow, she is talented! That's where it ends. I can't draw worth a lick!
For your viewing pleasure . . . some of her yummy artwork . . .

These pieces were listed on Etsy when I wrote this a couple of weeks ago . . . except the feather. That's mine. :) I think I'm going to frame it in a deep frame, with natural and other bird elements. I'm particularly thinking of a hatched egg that Christian and I found at the river park. And this little treasure is tiny! Less than 3 inches square! Isn't it beautiful?! I hope to finish the framing today . . . I'll come back and add a pic.

Bluebird on Antique Linen

These are her original artworks! Fine pen drawings on antique linens! How cool is that? I mean
. . . could they be any more wonderful?

From my few days knowledge of her art, it appears that these fairly fly out of her shop. Some that were there yesterday are not today, but she has posted more. Ooooh . . . there were some posted on her blog that made my little heart go pitter-pat. They caused palpitations for somebody else, too . . . because they've sold already. . . . ah, well . . . now that I know where to find her, I'm thinking this may be the beginning of a something beautiful . . .

You'll see samples of her watercolor work on her blog, too. My mind is just spinning with possibilities! I gonna be hovering about her Esty shop. I didn't want to tempt you with artworks that are sold . . . but then again . . . why not? I have borrowed these treasures for you from her blog {with permission} . . .

~much love!


  1. You're so very sweet! I love to share my art~ I LOVE when it touches someone's heart! YOU have made my day! Thank you :)
    I'm getting ready to list the vintage baby dresses now. If I knew which ones you were interested in I could list them as a special order for you :)
    My email michart@rochester.rr.com
    I have a few notepads to add first.

    Thank you again for all of your kind words and SWEET post!
    Hugs, smiles, (happy) tears and friendship :)

  2. Debbi, her art work is sooooo beautiful. I love the little birds on antique linens. Thank you for sharing. hugs, sandi

  3. I can't wait to purchase one of the roosters for a dear friend of mine. Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful artist!

  4. I love your art. My daughter brought a print of yours at Meijer's at Christmas. I feel in love with it. I have been looking locally to see find more od your art. Are there any chain stores that carry your work?