Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

Ooh . . . so much fun! I've been working on my space, which I, in my heart of hearts want to call my studio . . . but in reality it's really still a storage room . . . with it's previous incarnations as first our daughter's room, then after she married, our youngest son moved into the larger-than-his bedroom. I kind of have a rule . . . it's still their room until they marry . . . then I can use it. After last June, all claims are off . . . however, we now find ourselves with three empty bedrooms!

Hopefully, one will become a family room this Summer . . . I hope, I hope, I hope! It is well positioned downstairs, sharing a wall with the dining area, which we plan to remove . . . and oh, the hopes and plans I have for it. Could I but afford to hire Linda Applewhite! {click on her portfolio!} I am crazy about her designs and most especially her signature whimsy! We really are hoping this is the year it happens!

The second bedroom isn't really empty at all, it is lovingly called The Museum, especially because of the rocks, shells, twigs, bird and wasp nests housed upon it's bookcases, but it properly functions as a Guest Room. It is the room in our house where my heart resides . . . contented sigh
But Number Three married last Summer, and with high hopes of taming the creative clutter that generally wriggles it's way into the kitchen, and inhabits the dining table, we have begun the process of claiming the vacated largest bedroom, because it is the one with wood flooring, which is very practical, indeed, when one needs to clean up after cutting glass. Don't you think?

Soooo . . . drumroll . . . I am hoping to have that room as nearly finished as I can, for it's ultimate debut on June 19, 2010 when I participate in the Where Bloggers Create II event!
{Hosted by Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage}.
You must, you really, really must hop on over to her blog to read the story of Where Bloggers Create I, and what a wonderful blessing it has been in her life! Seriously! You should go see! And stop back here, June 19th! We'll just see if I'm able to pull it off!
At the very least, it will have some gorgeous and wonderful progress! I just know it will!
~ much love!


  1. Bonjour Debi,
    I'm sure you'll turn it into a wonderful space. Anxious to see the finished product. Karen is such a sweet lady.
    I hope the young man we we've been praying for is doing well. I still think of him.
    Hope you're having a great week,

  2. I'm participating in this too, except 'cleaning up' my space turns into me starting one idea after another! Good luck and I can't wait to see the reveal!

  3. I can't wait to see your space- I just know you'll have something wonderful to share!