Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh, my Goodness! I apologize!

Busy as a bee! . . .

I apologize to my few, but beloved followers! I have been doing a little site maintenance, and it occurs to me, that every blog that I've edited has come up as newly published! What a nuisance! My labels are becoming kind of unruly . . . that's what I was attempting to tidy up . . . I'll fiddle with them more another day . . . {apology extended for that, too!} The upside is, that I have grouped How~Tos and Recipes under those two headings . . . It's pitiful, but it's a beginning . . .

And while I'm at this informational sort of stage . . . One of my recent weddings is featured on the photographer's website . . . Still Memories. If you click on Galleries, the first photo that comes up is the bride . . . she's just lovely . . . Thank you, Susi! {The bride's Mom, who alerted me, via Facebook.}

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  1. No worries!! They are fun the second time too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. no need to apologize to us! we are just
    happy you're back!

    thanks for listening to 'sunday lane.'
    that was very sweet and i will certainly
    GIVE you a cd when it comes out the
    end of this month.