Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Blog Party

You know how it is . . . we begin with reading one another's blogs. Then we progress to swaps, personal emails, a gift or two, we visit one another's Etsy shops . . .
Eventually, bloggers . . . we are kind of a friendly bunch, would like to meet up. Play together, chat, giggle, exchange ideas, inspire one another, share a meal . . . form real live friendships, with real flesh and blood people . . . Eventually you just have to meet. We just have to! If at all possible . . .
A group of local bloggers {local for me}, calling themselves Northern California Bloggers are throwing a blog party! I am only acquainted with Sandi, who owns The Green Pea Boutique in Escalon, California. Sandi is a lot of fun, and has a really great shop, located in the old Post Office building in town. If you could make a dot in the middle of California, it would just about be directly on Escalon. It is a small, super charming little place, the picture of small town America.
It appears that they've scheduled the party to coincide with other possible entertainment events. The nearest is in Riverbank, just a few miles down the road {the annual Riverbank Cheese and Wine Exposition} and The Sacramento Antique Fair. Sacramento is, by my guess, about 50 miles.
I've copied the rest from Sandi's post, you should check! See if you think you would like to attend!

Some fellow bloggers and I are throwing a Blog Party!! Come join us!! We will be enjoying a fabulous lunch, hear from a guest speaker, and treat you to some giveaways! And get ready for a fun contest for name tags--- get creative and make up one that reflects your blog!
The party will be held at The Green Pea Boutique:Map of 1802 Main St, Escalon, CA 95320-1920
Sign up as soon as possible by emailing Dawn at
Put "Festival" in the subject line.

Please include the following:
Your name, blog name and URL, location and date you started blogging.
Also indicate if we can use your name in a posted list of participants. Don't wait, space is limited.
Please sign up as soon as possible!

Sandi from The Green Pea Boutique
We hope to see you there!


  1. Thank you so much Debbi for the mention. I hope to see you at the blog party. It will be fun to meet new friends and bloggers in person.
    Hugs, sandi

  2. What a wonderful way to connect! It is a fantastic blogging community and so creative. Every time I read another blog that says what is in my heart I feel heard also! Have a wonderful time, and be sure to post some photos!

  3. Wow, that sounds grand - I wish I could come.

  4. how did this go? it sounds so fun,
    but it also seems kind of scary to
    meet face to face with people with
    whom you only write.

  5. How fun! A blog party. I'm too far away in The Netherlands but want to hear how it went. Have fun and enjoy your lives of blogging and inspiration.
    I just found you on