Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Natural Elements

I kind of have a thing for natural objects. I collect pretty-ish bits and pieces of nature on my walks. Wait! There's a quote in there somewhere . . . hold on for a sec while I go find it! . . . . do DO doo do, DOOP de dooo, do Do doo do DOOP de doodle do {hold music} . . .

"She was a noticer. . . for all the shelves are lined with shells, bird feathers, dried sea grasses, pebbles, eggshells. . . They're just bits that were lying on the ground, that anyone else would step over or on, but she saw they were beautiful and brought them home."
. . . The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society . . .

Christian and I found the largely intact bird egg . . . another walk at the river yielded the darker blue egg fragments {which were one somewhat larger piece, until I set a book on them},
sheesh . . . My Mother discovered that gorgeous blue feather blowing about her place! The perfect tiny wasp nest was posing a hazard in my backyard . . . I suppose you're getting the idea
. . .

But, the wonderful little feather drawing on fabric?! It's from Michelle Palmer. I love her art! You knew that, though! So far I'm only up to three pieces, but I just discovered her sort of recently . . . it takes time to amass a collection.
Michelle's Etsy Shop . . . Be warned! You've gotta be quick! It's gone almost as fast as she lists it! :)


  1. Love your collage- The blue feather is beautiful...

  2. Wonderful post!! I love all the pieces and how you have set them with one another! You are such a treasure!

  3. Thanks for stopping by recently. That's so cool that you're taking a soldering class. I took a day workshop in it and had a blast.

  4. Debi, I hope you can make the party.
    It should be a lot of fun to meet the bloggers. If you like you might mention it on your blog. Hugs, sandi

  5. LOOKS AMAZING! Love the colors... every-little-detail~ PERFECT!
    You're a gem~
    Thank you for sharing :)

  6. I used to do that and make cards with my collections ...

    Love what you did, especially the feather and egg shell.