Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm All Over the Where

I have one of those precious days with so many wonderful things on my plate, that I'm having trouble assigning myself to any one of the delicasies spread out before me! A veritable banquet. I have several blog posts tumbling through my head. I have four new books! {count 'em, Four!} You wouldn't believe all of the wonderful blog posts that appeared in my reader overnight! {Two of my kids actually posted . . . shocking in itself. . . but I have already read those, and they are wonderful. You should visit. Zach Thinks Deep and Nevertheless, Elizabeth.} It is Piano Day. The happiest day of the week. The whole family is coming over to play today after school ~ until bedtime. What to do, what to do?

Would you like to know the back story about Zach's blog title, and mine? About two years ago, Alison May of Brocante Home, wrote about finding linens tucked away with notes . . . written in her Mother's hand, explaining the provenance of each wonderful piece. She dared us to write our history for our children, I do believe she even called it an obligation, at the very least it is a precious gift to them. She inspired me to make note of a memory that I wanted to share because of it's sweet and tender nature. They will always remember the remarkable, unusual, exciting stories that they have heard and overheard over their lifetimes, but the delicate wisps of our childhoods, the memories of the scents of the orchards, the feel of our Mothers' gardens . . . those things will be lost to time.

I dedicated myself to the task of putting pen to paper, so to speak, for my children. They loved it. They really, really did. It is a pleasing bit of accomplishment to know that you have passed a cherished life's moment on so that it will not be forgotten, for a generation at least. If you haven't yet begun this task, I highly recommend it. You will forever be glad that you did.
{I recommend leaving out some of the warts . . . it couldn't hurt to let little unpleasantnesses disappear.}

My daughter turned to her brother, "Zach. You have to set up a blog for Mom." He promptly obeyed. Needing a title {remember, this was just for us}, he named it after his own, Zach Thinks Deep {and let me assure you, he does}. My URL is The Wicker Patio, which, Zach told me, explains how he thinks of the comfortable and contented feeling of being in our backyard. {Be still my heart.}
I love them! Oh, how I love them!

Back to the post, Debbi, back to the post . . . {that little side trip left me all warm and fuzzy} Nevertheless, Elizabeth {my daughter} has embarked on a new artistic journey on her own blog. The adventure is just beginning, and her intention is to blog about her efforts to make time for art in the daily routine of a Mommy. You will love it. You should visit!

I would like to tell you that I'll get back to you tomorrow to list the amazing accomplishments that I feel I could tackle today, but I'm realistic, {right this minute at least, but on a daily basis . . . realistic is not a word anyone who knows me very well would use} . . . Today, if I stick to the task closest to my heart, I will simply shop and clean and ready this place for the onslaught that is Piano Day, and be contented. What a delightful way to spend a life! Oh, Happy Day!

And the title of this post, "All Over the Where"? It was my young son's effort at "all over the place", and you can be certain, in family speak, it has totally replaced the original.
Yup. I love 'em. To bits.
Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy


  1. You have a beautiful blog. I really enjoyed browsing.

    My daughter and I have been making jewelry for fifteen years and she just made us a blog several weeks ago. I was thrilled. It really isn't all about jewelry, though the address is...


    Our names are Kat and Sue but someone already had the name Katsui!

    Come and visit if you wish!


  2. Hello, Debbi,

    You've won a copy of Flea Market Style from my blog giveaway - please send me your mailing address!

  3. At last I am here! You probably thought I had got holed up in Thatchwick again and would never get to blog visiting. You have an exceptionally attractive blog. I love the drawing on this blog. Today is my Piano Day too. But unlike yours, it is just the day on which I have my piano lesson, happily right here in my own house. Kim, my teacher, drives to this part of the city every week to visit her mother who has Alzheimers and so she is willing to pop in and teach me during my lunch hour.

    I think your Piano Day is a lovely idea. Blessings Eleanor from Thatchwick.