Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fisherman

He glides gracefully over our house several times a day. We live very near a river. He feeds there . . . sometimes.

Like when he's not feeding in our neighbors' ponds!

We stood outside and watched him glide from rooftop to rooftop, dipping into the backyards between. When he disappeared behind the next door neighbor's house, She says, "Honey! Go check the pond!" He ran. Sure enough, Mr. Fisherman was eyeing the nice plump froggies from safely atop the arbor.

Speaking of fisherman . . . do you mind if I take a minute from the usual womanliness of this space to brag on my husband?

Like my sister-in-law said, "Now that's a nice catch." Either one of them . . . both of them.
{Personally, though . . . I prefer the fellow.} :)

{It's a 40.5" Striped Bass.}


  1. What great pictures...and what a very special visitor in your neighborhood...

  2. That egret (it is egret, right?) is beautiful. Even if it is a greedy-frog-eater. And that's some man you've got there. ;)

  3. Nice catch, Dad! That egret has found a good set-up

  4. Thanks so much for your encouraging words regarding the shop... It's an adventure and I'm simply holding on for the roller coaster ride:)

    The images in this post are lovely...

    And what a catch! My brother in laws fish bass and would be salivating after such a big fish!

    Have a great week:P

  5. What a great post Debbie! I love the photos of the large bird...he looks too perfect to be real, right? And the fish your hubbie caught! Wow!!! That must have been exciting! Take care.

  6. Good grief, you're right -- that's a keeper! Beautiful fish, too.

  7. Who cleaned that 40 lb. baby?? And I hope he was filleted and put in the freezer! Wow! Sea bass for dinner! Sounds good to me!

  8. Thanks again for visiting:) I really appreciate the support!

  9. Beautiful shots, really is a catch ;)

  10. Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by my sweetromanticnotions. I appriciate the visit. That fish I will have to show my husband tomorrow as I saw this after he went to bed. Early to bed, early to rise! Thanks for the name of the reproduction post card manufacturer. I hunt the antiques shops for my post cards but use ebay a lot for my valentines and I go to lots of paper shows too! Reproductions are easy to tell if you have them in your hand to look at. All my cards are antique and I own all that I show. I am so addicted!

    I also belong to the National Valentine Collectors Association. I know I get a lot of reproduction cards sent to me from friends who just love them. They are so pretty. I have not seen this B.Shackman yet so I will also look them up to see what type of images they show.

    Have a nice Easter..are you serving fish? :-)

  11. Hi Debbie, thanks so much for your input on a sewing machine! It's great to hear from ladies about this, I am sure tired of shopping. I mainly need portability, so light weight is imperative. I hear ya on the quality though. Oh bother. I'll figure something out.

    Great pics of the Fisherman, both of them! Love those egrets, we have them here in Pismo Beach. Your husband is adorable! Take care, Riki

  12. You have captured the bird so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.