Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little bit of beauty

Every time I catch some bug {not of the garden variety, I generally leave those to the boys}, and have time to sit and ponder, my mind wanders off to the river where I like to hike. The very first day that I was able, Elizabeth and her children accompanied me on a picnic there. We had the bestest time!

Whilst Christian and I carried the quilts to the shady spot, we happened across this beautiful little hatched egg! Okay, you know me . . . in my book, the day had just reached perfection! It continued on that vein, by the way . . . but those are Elizabeth's photos and stories to tell . . .

While I recovered . . . these are a few of the things that occupied my time . . . {the pen belonged to Mark's Grandmother. I've mentioned her before, as recently as Easter . . . she was born in 1898.}

Don't you love the opalescence in this old ink bottle? It is my absolute favorite, and today it holds a posy of my Grandmother's violets.

Do you like the spool photo holders? I've made them for an upcoming antiques event. {If I can bring myself to part with them . . .} I learned from Joan at Anything Goes Here! You should check her tutorial!

Finally! I have projects on deck! I've been working on the coolest swap, which inspired me to host one of my own . . . It is gonna be so much fun! More to come, soon! I promise!
~ much love!


  1. Love the bottle. It that from the dig you mentioned in your email? Love the cute little photo holders. i made spool photo holders for my show this weekend also. I hope you got my email about the fly girl photos. I sent it earlier today. xo joan@anythinggoeshere

    P.S. Thanks for linking your readers back to my photo holder tutorial. I really appreciate it.

  2. Lovely post! Glad you had a great day! The pen is wonderful what a treasure!
    Hugs, Lisa