Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vintage Valentine Swap ~ part deux

All of the lovely, glittery, Valentine scraps can be whisked away. I am finished! The pages have been mailed to Dede Warren ~ Dream, Create, Share for inclusion in a book from like minded women who have also been plying their art into original, miniature artworks to share with one another.
Each of us will receive a one-of-a-kind book in return mail, after Dede and some of her dear friends have assembled and bound them.

Isn't this just too delightful to be true!? Wouldn't it be fun to be there with all of the combined loveliness spread out over the table? I expect it will be a gorgeous chaos.

Thank you Dede and company for your efforts! Thank you, all of you special ladies who have taken time to contribute! I can't wait to see what, together we have wrought! Can you?

{Other photos are listed in posts titled, Vintage Valentine Swap and I'm working, I'm working!}


  1. Debbi your work is absolutely delightful, and I am thrilled that you choose to share it with others in this way. The books are coming along beautifully, and should go out this week!

  2. I saw the link on Dede's blog.....your pages are wonderful! I hope I'm lucky enough to get one!

  3. Hello Debbi,
    I am so glad you game to visit. I enjoyed your blog and will be back again. I can't wait for my book and pages. This is going to be so fun! Pinkie Denise