Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm working, I'm working!

Wouldn't it be fun if all work. . .

felt this much like play?


I need to explain all this messy loveliness, which brings to mind something that I have always said. . .after all is said and done, and the bits too small to be saved must be swept away, "I have the prettiest trash!"

I follow Dede Warren's Blog ~ Dream, Create, Share. You know that I put a lot of effort into surrounding myself with beauty. That translates into the things that I read, as well as every other conceivable effort! . . .which explains why I follow Dede's blog. I got really lucky the other day, and happened across her blog invitation to join a "Vintage Valentine Swap" in time to join before the number of artists were at unmanageable levels, and I got in! Can you believe it?! I am part of this really wonderful exchange, and closing in on our deadline, fast!

We are each to design 16 pages with the rather loose parameters of 5 X 7 and vintage Valentine. Once Dede receives our contributions, she will add a page to each book, design the cover, bind them and ship them back to us. Isn't this just too good to be true!?

I'll post pictures of the finished products, cause this is all just too yummy to keep to myself! So far the pictures that you see are incomplete pages, both have improved considerably since the photos!

I can't wait to tell you more! Watch this space for more delightful goodies!

Note ~ There are more images posted on my blogs titled: Vintage Valentine Swap and Vintage Valentine Swap ~ part deux


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  2. I love these Debbi!! I can't wait to see all our books and the wonderful art of others such as yourself. Thanks so much for playing along!!!

  3. your pages are wonderful! I'm also in the Round Robin. I agree that Dede's blog is very inspiring-

  4. These are all so beautiful mom! I can't wait to see them all finished :)

  5. i LOVE THE QUESTIONAIRE about the Dashwood girls..I know Ive been known to lok from the "field" across the way and call out Willabe sorry I wrote his name wrong but you get the idea..Did that just break your heart and we have all been there...