Monday, January 19, 2009

Clementine Marmalade

Future marmalade

From the “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” school of reasoning. . .

I need black ink to print in color. It’s a quirk that I’m not crazy about, but otherwise I just love my printer.

I have a LOT of work to do, and I need my printer to print in color. Here it is 8:30PM and I have to run to the store in the next town because there isn’t a place in our little burg that carries the ink that I need. Otherwise, I just love my printer, honest.

But, I need to prepare the clementines so I can make marmalade tomorrow, because the cooking process begins the night before, so I need to wash them.

sooo… I need to empty the dishwasher, so I can reload it, so I can have an empty sink in which to wash clementines, so I can get the cooking process started before I run to the store to buy the black ink so my printer will print in color and I can get on with my work.

Are you following me?

Maybe I have become a bit bonkers, but I decided in the midst of this, that my dishes look kind of pretty in the dishwasher. Don't you think?

Now what I am trying to decide is. . .
Is somebody trying to make a fool out of me, or am I doing a fine job of that all by myself?

The recipe’s first instruction: “Scrub the clementines”.

The funny thing is. . . I don’t even like marmalade. But the thought of making it myself gives me some reason to believe that it will be different this time.

My son tells me that one definition of insanity is attempting the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome.

Maybe I have become a bit bonkers.

Click on the title for a brief synopsis of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Click on this one to read the story yourself! If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

~ Love!

P.S. Here is the recipe that I'm using: Clementine Marmalade Recipe

. Can't vouch for it yet, but will try to get a marmalade lover to help with that! Oh, and one more thing, it was Alison's idea in the first place.
Check out her blog! Brocante Home

I made the Clementine Marmalade. . . .and. . . it's delicious!

~ Love, Love!


  1. Wow. What marvelous photographs! It is astonishing to me how you framed an image of dishes in a dishwasher to be so aesthetically pleasing.

    You have always amazed me with you ability to find beauty in the most mundane places.

  2. That's funny! I've never been much for marmalade, either--though I do like Japanese yuzu marmalade stirred into hot water and drunk on chilly evenings during cold and flu season...

    It will be interesting to see if maybe you'll like your homemade clementine marmalade!