Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm having a moment

A picture through the window screen.

I am enjoying a cup of tea . . . it's late morning and I have a hundred things to do. . . important things that must be accomplished today! But. . .

There are little house finches dining at my bird feeder. It is so still and quiet here this morning that, through the open window I can hear their contented little chirps. I can hear the rustle of their feathers as they fly to and fro. I can hear the seeds pop in their strong little beaks. Teenie, tiny, soft little pops.

Isn't that the sweetest thing?

How long, do you suppose, I can nurse this cup of tea?


  1. It IS the sweetest thing... and you described it so perfectly I could hear those little sounds.

  2. I just love this sweet blog! I wanted to go sit in my chair and open the widow to listen to the birds. It brought back childhood memories of looking out my bedroom window to watch the birds in the winter or in the summer when trees were so filled with birds you could hardly hear anything else, we called it the summer bird weddings!