Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wondrous Sights

I brought a feather home from my walk today. I pressed it between the pages of my notebook. I took a notebook because everyday I want to write things down. I want to remember exact directions to the sandbar where the mammals feed and leave evidence, for Zach so his little scientist can examine the "scientific". Here are those notes:

"I saw an Antlion clearing his sand trap, but he finished quickly before I could pinpoint this miniature scene in the viewfinder. I had really wanted a video. I'll try again tomorrow." Then I took a picture of the tree where they lay in wait to make it easier for Zach to find the spot.

"While shooting a picture of grapevines overhead, growing across the path, forming a natural arbor, a little Goldfinch stopped by to taste the dried grapes. He didn't seem to mind that I was taking his picture! In fact, he almost appeared to pose for me!"

"Today, I can barely walk a few yards without golden leaves fluttering to the ground, swirling all around me. And the acorns. . . there are places on the path that I have to step carefully lest the sheer number of them cause me to slip!"

I found a nest! Somebody told me once. . . about a walk in the woods where she repeatedly happened upon the most wondrous sights! She said, "It was like God was taking his little girl for a walk. He said, 'Look over here now, I have something wonderful for you to see.' "

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