Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite Materials

I bought a few unusual little trinkets from cOveTableCuriOsitiEs, on etsy. I received a lot more than I paid for when I viewed the seller's profile. On etsy, you see, most items offered for sale are handmade art, or the materials for such. A member has the opportunity to state their favorite materials in their profile. Her's read as follows:

Favorite Materials: imagination, determination, serenity, optimism, awe.

Isn't that just about perfect? I had never before thought to put into words the way that I try to approach my life, and now there is no longer even a need to try. Funny, isn't it? Why don't we ever think of it? I mean, I have a lot of words that I try to live by, and somehow, this succinctly encompasses most. I don't know whether she originally meant it to mean so much as it does to me. Probably, though. I know a little more about her now. We have corresponded a few times and she seems a thoroughly thoughtful and charming person. I told her I was making something unique for my Grandsons, something for them to just happen upon, like finding small treasures. She wrote back to tell me about her special Grandmothers, both gone now, and how wonderful were their impressions on her life. She had several suggestions for me, as she recalled her lovely Grandmothers and the way they touched her life. They were truly wonderful, and she knew she was loved. Isn't that the way we want our loved ones to feel after we're gone? Her suggestions were especially about memory making, and she's right, you know. No matter how much we live in the moment and cherish this very minute, we sometimes only exist and we forget for even just a moment that everything we say and do has the opportunity to really mean something, something unusually special and wonderful.

My hope in writing this is that my newfound words will mean something to you and will somehow enrich your daily walk, your relationships, your art, your life.... too.

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