Friday, October 31, 2008

More Good Things to Make with Autumn Leaves

Framed Botanical

I just love this one! It's one of the favorite projects that I told you I would be posting. I haven't even finished the one that I expect to be my favorite, but it is begun. I think maybe tomorrow, I have to cut a sheet of glass. In the meantime, back to the framed botanical, I am very happy with the distressed frame (from Target). I think it gives the completed project the perfect aged look. The "scientific label" is a tea stained and ironed index card, cut down and outlined with a sepia felt tip pen. I think the photo corners are entirely optional, don't you?

My Grandma just giggles at the things she's caught me ironing this week.

Gift Tag

Scientific/Botanical Tray

I saw this method on a Martha Stewart program. The leaf is ironed onto the white stock, which is...believe it or not, a cardboard milk carton. Wash the empty (naturally) carton out, and dry it. This would look great if you cut it with scalloped scissors like she did. You will place your pressed leaf or flower on the waxed card (the inside of the carton, where there is no printing), cover it with a cotton, silk or linen fabric, and iron it for 10 to 20 seconds with a hot, dry iron; then carefully peel the fabric away while the item is still very warm. The weave of the fabric may be slightly noticeable, so you may want to make note of that and line the weave up squarely. This is really optional. You will want to affix your newly mounted leaf onto another card. Double-stick adhesive tape works wonderfully. Then embellish as you like! This is the same process that I used for the bookmark in another post. You probably wouldn't want to leave it long term in a valuable tome because of pH issues, but it is sooo lovely for a reading copy!

Go out and make wonderful memories! The world is your oyster!

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  1. I can see a theme for an upcoming coffee table book brewing here... "The Five Senses of Autumn". Oh yeah, I like it!