Thursday, December 10, 2009

Midnight Madness . . . the way I do it

If you've read my blog recently, you might recognize my new end table. Right. Over there. Next to the fireplace. I have owned the components forever, most of them anyway, and I have used them now as props for two recent boutiques. I love it. So why do I bring all of the pieces home and store them? I ask you? This time, I mustered the courage to actually put them in my living room.

What do you think of the result? I kinda like it. I would like to point out, and I may have written about this before, but it bears repeating . . . that was a plain old, tract house brick fireplace with a puny little, slightly raised, brick hearth I was worried about children falling on the bricks, and I really, really, really disliked the fireplace. Really. My wonderful husband built what you see today.
The travertine is just flat . . . you know, floor level. The pillars were once just one antique pillar {that we found at an architectural salvage place}. A cabinet maker friend helped my wonderful husband make it into two pieces, and the rest, as you see, is just gorgeous! It is my favorite part of the entire house.
{You're right. There is no wood in there. I live in a nanny state, and we weren't allowed to burn wood today, even though the temperature topped out at something like 38 degrees. Just too, too, cold. I burned the gas.}

So here it is, the middle of the night, and I was suddenly inspired to put my room together, you know play dress up, like trying new jewelry with an old dress.

We haven't decorated for Christmas yet. My husband's a firefighter. We have a tree for a two week maximum, before Christmas. And we select it together, the whole family, if possible . . . so it's good if we're both home on tree selection day. So far, within our two week window of opportunity, we have had either one of us, or neither at home. Tomorrow looks like it might be the day. {Unless, for some reason he has to work. Happens kind of a lot.}

So, until the red and green comes in, we're still nice, comfy, warm, winter colors . . . green, taupe {sepia, really} . . . . and I do so love it . . . for some reason . . . especially tonight.

{ This is what became of the table that I replaced.}


  1. Oh my, Mom, it looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad you did that. The house looks gorgeous.

  2. I love it too Debbi! Since my hubby is home most nights now, I don't get the "midnight inspiration" like I used to. I kinda miss it actually, tho I wouldn't exchange that for having the DH home!

  3. I Know! Of course you know I only do it when he's not home! Whatever will I do when he retires!?

    I once got out of bed when what I wanted to do in our living room struck me moved furniture cleaned brought a outside table in, steped back to focus it all, SUCCESS went back to bed when Jimmy got up that AM I heard him cross the entry to the new room, stopped, came back and asked when did the decorator faries arrive.

  5. I think your room looks great! Love the suitcases on the table and that fireplace is beautiful! Your hubby did a great job! The mercury glass items are beautiful. You did a good job! Want to come over and do my great room??

  6. What a beautiful new coffee table! Looks like it was just meant to be there! And wow! What a hubby you have! Why don't you send him my way? I have loads of woodworking projects that could use his magic touch! What a guy to be able to build you that beautiful fireplace. Have a very Merry Christmas!