Thursday, December 24, 2009

Big Ol' Surprise on the Magazine Rack at Barnes and Noble

Do I ever have something to tell you!? So . . . there I was . . . wandering around Barnes and Noble . . . minding my very late Christmas shopping, and you know how it is . . . you'll see something kind of familiar out of the corner of your eye . . . and then you're drawn to it . . . and it's takes a moment before you're really aware that you're seeing what you're seeing? Okay . . . are you there? Do you feel it? So now, you let your mind wander over to . . . where you've seen that image before, and when you come to . . . you realize that you're looking at the new Somerset Studio and you're in it!

Sort of, anyway. {My blog address is.} Last Summer, Dede Warren invited me . . . and a few other women to work on a collaborative art project, which she ultimately submitted to Somerset Studio, and they picked it up! However; my submission ended up on the cutting room floor . . . so to speak. ah, well . . . ah, well.

Oh, wait! I didn't mention . . . that's our project . . . ON THE COVER!

The other talented ladies, though, are represented pretty well . . . and I, in my never ending public service mode, will share with you, my photos of the entire project.

Unfortunately, I have a new computer . . . that's not the unfortunate part . . . that's actually the good part . . . but unfortunately, the photos that I have taken of our project are on my old one, the one with the cracked mother board . . . let this be a lesson to you to back up your photos. {grin} I'll have to take new ones, and share them with you tomorrow! I hope you can contain your excitement! {Just kidding, you know} There isn't enough light tonight to photograph without flash . . . largely because it's dark. {smile} {It is almost 1:00 AM}

In the meantime, the beautiful and talented ladies involved in this project are:

Dede Warren ~ Dream Create Share

Judy Bidwell ~ My Artistic Side

Milli Wagoner ~ Sashagirl on flikr

Sue McPherson

Ada Pringle {sorry, these last two ladies aren't bloggers}

Now that I can talk about it . . .I would like to publicly thank all of the ladies involved. I LOVE my book. I will cherish the memories of the process forever! Thank you Dede, for inviting me. I promise, if you ever invite me again . . . I'll do a collage. {Grin}


  1. That's awesome! Congratulations

  2. Wow!! What a great cover. I guess I need to head over to B&N!! Congratulations, Mom!

  3. Hi Debbi,
    I am still in shock over this!!! And I too, was disappointed that they didn't show ALL of OUR pages! I wonder why they did it this way when it was a small project??? I have shown our magazine to some of my friends and family and after they read the article, I then hand them OUR ACTUAL BOOK!!! Everyone that has seen it is just in awe of each and every page!!!!! And it's on the COVER of Somerset, Wow!!!!!! This was such a fun and special project and I feel blessed to have been a part of it with each of you talented, talented ladies!!!!! And I made new friends, that's the really awesome part!!!!! I can't wait to see all of the pictures you are going to post, Debbi! I still have to get my daughter to upload pics for me, I'm at her mercy until she will take the time to walk me through it, (I'm not computer savvy, can you tell, haha) and when I can slow her down, I am going to post pics of our actual book on flickr! When I added the magazine pics to flickr, it was late at night and my daughter came after work to do that, so I was lucky to get those added!
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!
    Love, Blessings and (((Hugs)))

  4. Way to go....isn't it grand that the excitement in life continues to burn brightly?
    We shall stop at B&N on are are huge "SHOPPING SPREE" boy that's a giggle
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.....

  5. Congratulations on being a cover girl! I found your blog through "My Artistic Side"

    Don't give up on the photos from your old computer. What you need is a hard drive enclosure. You can then access it as an external drive to rescue those photos. Just keep in mind they make them for desktop hard drives (larger) and laptop hard drives (smaller ones.) I bought one for a laptop harddrive for next to nothing on Ebay. Good luck on getting your photos back.