Sunday, December 6, 2009

Artsy Girls Boutique

I promised to share photos of the boutique. The first photo shows a lot of the things that I made. In spite of myself, I don't have pictures of everything. Can't imagine how that happened.
This painting is the work of my very own lovely and talented daughter, Nevertheless, Elizabeth.

The vintage clocks and sign letters that didn't sell will be for sale on Daughter's Etsy page within a few days. You'll wanna snag those.

Love the Children's Table!

Do you love these scarves? The ones that didn't sell will be for sale in a chic little shop in San Francisco in a week or so.

Hand painted matryoshka dolls, also by Nevertheless, Elizabeth.
. . . actually, I bought this set. :)

But look at this set! Oh my goodness! Okay, I'm her Mom, but the girl knows what she's doing!

The adorable knitted baby accessories, were designed and hand knitted {naturally}, by my lovely daughter-in-law. {interestingly, also an Elizabeth, hence, my occasional use of the expression "the Elizabeths". Now, you know what it means}

Oh, my Goodness! The jewelry! Fully half of our sales were the handmade jewelry!

Oh, I do wish you could have been there!


  1. Wow, you gals are just so arty and talented. I love the little Russian dolls your daughter paints. Your display was really wonderful, sounds like you had a good show! I'm hoping to do the post today or tomorrow about my birdie charm necklace, I'll link back to you. Have a wonderful week, Debbi, I'm lovin' my necklace!

  2. What a lovely collection of treasures. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love it all! And yes, that girl, does know what she is doing. You must have taught her well! Found you from Debra. Now I am going to check out your daughters Etsy shop. Seems like there just might be a ton of good things there!