Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

The Christmas Tree in our guestroom.

Our guest room has been named by our Grandsons. The proper name is "The Museum". When bedrooms started to empty out around here . . . I had a plan for the perfect room. It had to serve as a guest room, because occasionally the original occupants return. {Big Smile}

My vision was formed from childhood memories of wonderful literature. Didn't every child in every book have: 1) a window seat in which to curl up with a book? 2)a wealthy benefactor with a gorgeous and well stocked library? 3) an intensive education in all the things of nature?

The book shelves in our guestroom are filled with those things of nature and my favorite books, most of them written around the last turn of the century, almost all written before it was half over. There are bird nests, wasp nests, bird eggs, sea shells, preserved butterflies, petrified wood, a couple of rocks and a fossil. {You understand the name, now.}

There are precious toys, like a xylophone, jack in the box, teenie little tea sets, and other things that make it onto my "Special" meter. Nothing is off limits. It's a place for exploration, and understanding, and touching. And of course, there is a window seat. My goal was an idyllic setting for imagination, study and precious reading time. I think it is quite the happiest place in our home. I know three little boys who would agree.

The room is painted the loveliest Robin's Egg Blue. One day our daughter showed our little library to a girlfriend, and I thnk I will hold her reaction in my heart forever. She said, "I think it's even easier to breathe in here."

The original occupant will be making a return visit with his bride in a few days . . . I hope they approve.

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  1. Beautiful tree, Debbie. I love your precious ornaments and the "candles"! Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Season!
    hugs and blessings,