Friday, November 20, 2009

Warning: Shameless Gramma Ahead

Here, Papa and the boys await the arrival of the fair princess {Gramma, . . . naturally} to the magical woods.

We spend one day a week with our grandchildren. Usually at our house. Papa and I cherish this day. I honestly think we all do. This week, Papa and I thought we would do something different . . . take the boys on a hike, and leave the parents at home.

Nobody complained about this arrangement.

I understand the boys slept like hibernating bears that night.
Three boys . . . a rocky bank . . . a body of water . . .
Didn't you think splashes were a forgone conclusion, too?

Christian, helping Papa manage the steep part.

Our artist at work. This young man wished aloud that he could come back and do some serious artwork. {sigh . . .}

Oh . . . my . . . Goodness! Be still my heart.

Our plein air date was made that very afternoon . . .

The young artist took this photo of the rapids, himself. This is the view that he especially wanted to return to sketch. { . . . and, he did.}

Today. This very afternoon.

We made the date . . . I picked him up from school . . . we dined al fresco . . . we sketched . . . we painted . . . I am so in love with my Grandchildren.

Aren't they wonderful?
I am so very, VERY thankful for the precious people in my life.


  1. What fun you have! Lucky you! I wish I lived closer to my grandchildren so that I could spend a day a week with just them. How fun!

    I do remember well taking our boys out to Goose Creek for fishing. Of course, Mom cut bait and put it on the hooks. My husband couldn't handle that! Weird! The boys wanted to eat the fish. But I drew the line there! Watched my dad clean too many fish to ever want to do it myself. The fish went back in the creek!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Debbi!

  2. You're the best grammy ever! Beautiful pictures too. :)

  3. So great to read our blog as always! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love this time of year and family is so important.