Thursday, November 5, 2009


Before I left for the East Coast, I had to prepare goodies for a boutique that Elizabeth, bless her heart, was manning for us. {Preschooler, infant and hubby in tow.}

I made a quick mock-up of my display for her. My hope was that it would make her set-up quicker and easier, kind of working from a plan.
All of the glass charms are made using stained glass techniques, with non-lead solder. I promise.
See the marble? It was one of my son's. If he finds out, I may have to return it.

The charm above is 1" x 1.5". It is a paper scrap from an antique french dictionary behind the shoe. I promise, I absolutely did not tear that book up. Someone else did. And sold it to me. {I am such a hypocrite.}

Between two sheets of glass, these are double sided with vintage ephemera images.
In some cases, the images are copies, like the Victorian scrap birds that I copied, then spent an entire evening cutting out, while spending quality time with my hubby. {watching tv}

This one {above} is an inch square, and almost a half an inch deep. It has a truly vintage millinery flower {from our store . . .sigh} stitched to a piece of vintage green velvet ribbon. The back side is the image from our pretty price tag. Ah. Sweet memories. Which, I suppose is the reason it's called a treasure necklace.

Now, if I had been thinking, I would have made copies of this sweet paperdoll. I couldn't sell it, I liked it so well. It's Elizabeth's now. But I have a couple of antique paperdolls in my stash that I think I'll copy, and shrink. Won't they be the cutest?

{I'm sorry that I didn't get a clear photo of the paperdoll. It doesn't look terribly fuzzy in a small photo, though.}
Isn't this just the bestest fun?!


  1. Hello Debbi, it was so nice to meet with you today. Love your work, the pieces are so lovely. You are so talented. Talk to you soon. sandi

  2. Hello Debbi, I forgot to say, your blog is wonderful and I will be a new follower. Good night! sandi

  3. Hi Debbi, I'm so glad you came by for a visit. Thank you for joining in on the Bible Study Blog. I just joined you as a follower. I love your work and the little bird soldered pendants are gorgeous. I am a vintage bird lover. If you have these for sale I would love to purchase one. Email me at your convenience. I know this is a busy time of year, but I just fell in love with them! Thank you, hope to visit again soon!

  4. Beautiful things! And a really fun post. Love your colors, and designs!

  5. Wow! You have been busy and your soldering looks great! Thanks for stopping by and in answer to your question, yes about Thursday.
    take care

  6. These are all SO LOVELY!! If I used my sons marble, he'd want it back too!