Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Really Cool Giveaway

Can you believe this wonderful old pre-digital-age newspaper printing plate? Isn't it just the most wonderful? It is part of a giveaway over at Vintage Patina! No, seriously! It's a blog that I only found kind of recently. Where in the world have I been? Her give-away is a thank you to all of you lovely friends out there in blogland . . . for, well, . . . just for being there.
I have spent a little time considering that topic of late. {Considering life before/after discovering blogging.} I don't honestly have many friends who blog, or follow blogs . . . but I recently had a conversation with a new friend who mentioned it, too. {I was very glad to find her.} No matter what time of day or night, there are girlfriends out there. . . you know, . . . in Blogland, waiting to have a cup of tea and a chat. Opening up their hearts. There are people out there like me! There really are people like me! They love their families, their homes, their art, their faith . . . and their blog-friends. I love it! I just love it!
Drop in on Vintage Patina and leave a comment. That will enter you in her drawing for one of these really, super cool printing plates.
I'll try to be back soon with something interesting over here. We're all so busy getting ready for Elizabeth's Artsy Girls Boutique, that I haven't had time to write about all the wonderful things I'm working on. I'll tease, though . . . Not for the boutique, but I'm working on casting sterling silver frozen Charlottes. {There is no way they'll be ready in time.} I'm at the mold making stage. I'm doing it myself! No! Really! . . . and I'm working on fusing glass for a bracelet that I've been wanting to make for five years, now, out of the stained glass scraps from the window that I built for Elizabeth and Justin's wedding. {Shhh! Nobody tell her! It's a surprise!} . . . and . . . I'm working up a class on the soldered charms, that will be held at the Green Pea Boutique in Escalon, California. {I am so excited!} . . . and more! I have more irons in the fire! I am having such fun! . . . AND, Thanksgiving is next week! Can you believe it!?
Soooo . . . what are you thankful for? Me? You wanna know what I'm thankful for? {You are such a thoughtful friend!} Among all my other great and wonderful blessings, {And they ARE. Great and Wonderful!} I am thankful for the blogworld, where I am able to express myself, whether or not anyone is listening, both in written words, and visually. I am just such a happy camper. {all giggles.}


  1. Well Debbi, you inspire me! Please let me know when you will be doing the class at the Green Pea...I wanna come!! I hope to make it to Elizabeth's boutique too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! You sound super busy and super crafty. I CANT wait to see the frozen charlottes you're making. I would love to purchase one from you! Hope you have a blessed holiday and be sure to have fun with your crafting:)