Monday, November 2, 2009

Where This Woman Creates

I had a moment of brilliance! My work surface is always a cluttered mess.

Beautiful clutter, but clutter all the same. When I'm working on a project, I like to be able to see all of the goodies that I might want to include, but just try to find the next perfect element in the midst of the chaos.

Enter . . . the solution! A pinboard! That's it! Everything within reach, and all visible at once! A moment of utter brilliance, I'm telling you!

I'm attempting to make a beautiful and functional workspace. A place where I can work comfortably and easily. My husband built the most wonderful work table for me, I can't wait to show you! The perfect size, the perfect height. Ooh, he's such a keeper. Besides the pinboard, I filled pretty jars {and some ordinary ones, too} with ribbon bits and vintage fleurs. There are jars of every trinket that I couldn't hang. Jars of buttons, glitter, jewelry findings, teenie little toys . . .

Soooo . . . I'm surrounding myself with beauty and whimsy. Stuff of inspiration and creativity. At least as it speaks to me. All the better an environment to play in, my dear.

Nah . . . I don't plan to do anything with these acorns.
I just think they're just pretty in a canning jar.

I found this really cool map of Europe, dasted 1957. Not ancient, but getting up there. I should know. :)
I haven't framed it yet, so for now it hangs from a dowel and string, just the way I bought it. It's totally and completely imperfect . . . just the way I like it.
Oooohhhh, I'm such a happy camper.


  1. What I meant to say...I'm a big fan of vintage and showing off pretties in glass. My little granddaughters pine to play with the buttons in jars! Excellent pin board and you need not worry about them being exposed to the elements, all the better. Love the map and Mr. Peanut! Best wishes for a lovely fall season :)

  2. Hi Sheree! Thanks for stopping by! I played with my Grandma's button jar . . . and my Mother's. My kids played with mine, and so do my Grandsons. It must be the REAL circle of life! ~Debbi

  3. Thanks for your email, Debbi. I usually check back in when I leave a comment :) Enjoy your class and new skills, the framed pendants are lovely.