Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I Am So Slow Lately . . .

A while back, I read a statistic about blog posts. It was an incredibly high percentage of posts . . . something waaay over 50%, I think . . . {I have dismissed the actual number from memory, as is my irritating habit} are written to explain why the blogger hasn't written in a while. I determined right then and there, that I was not going to do that. . . so, here I am, doing exactly what I'm not gonna do! . . . and, I have to be quick about it, I'm really using time that I don't have!

Here's the deal . . . I calculate that I have been sick, in bed kind of sick . . . almost a third of this year! I'm not dying or anything has been a terrible year for respiratory things, and I've caught every one. Then it irritates the asthma, so if it lasts four days in regular folks, figure three, maybe four weeks in me. Half of that time without enough oxygen to march my muscles up the stairs. Well, that's inaccurate . . . it's that I am aware of it . . . in my legs when I climb the stairs. . .kind of achy and weak. That's one thing, to be certain, that has gobbled up my time this year.

When I'm well the other two thirds of the time, I feel great! Wonderful! Energetic! That's super, because I have to work at double speed to try to catch up. I figure, right now, if I'm going to finish everything that I need to finish, in my lifetime, I'm going to live to be . . .ummm . . . hmmm. . . just about 123.

Then there is the computer problem. I'm not certain if I lost my computer in April or May. Mark says it'll be January before we can swing another one, maybe, unless the overtime picks up. The country's economic woes have hit the fire department, too. . . .another subject. The thing is, I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER! I am depending on borrowing my nephew's right now, for which I feel increasingly guilty every day, and using my kids', my Mother's, my brother's. I don't want to load pictures onto their computers. That's why there haven't been any of those lately. And interestingly, that shows in my statistics. Well, that, and the not~posting~thing. {grin}

I've given a kind of breakdown of our Summer's activities in previous posts, already, so you know what I have done, now for my/our schedule for the next few weeks . . . right away, we need to:
  • Ship all of Sam and Amy's stuff to them sometime this week,
  • Do our niece's wedding next week {remember, I'm the florist},
  • Help First Son, Bebe and the boys move,
  • Help Somebody Else move.

. . . Then, all I need to do is get a computer, and I will be able to rejoin the blogging world in earnest. . . pictures and all . . . sigh . . .

See you soon! I'll write when I can! I miss you! Much love!


  1. And the world misses you!

  2. I love your blog not matter what! You are an inspiration and make me smile! Thanks, for that!

  3. Well, we do appreciate all your hard work shipping our stuff!